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Bill Perry

Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Location:Portage, Indiana, United States
Phone: 219-763-3446
2 Skills
Creative and Innovative – Able to take creative ideas from concept to execution with a diversity of materials. Translate conceptualized ideas into finished product. Highly innovative thinker in creative problem solving and design challenges. Skilled abilities include:
Technical Illustrator Patent Illustrator Conceptual Artist / Animator (2D & 3D)
Toy / Game Designer Sculptor Paper Model Designer
Graphic Designer Toy Prototyper Prototype Moldmaker
Illustrator Cartoonist Litigation Artist

Bill grew up drawing. All the time. He started his college education in the times BC (before computers) and was there when the first Mac 128s came out. He immediately took to the new technology and foresaw the coming of a time where hand lettering and mechanical color separation would become optional knowledge - relegated to a fine art as opposed to a necessary evil, allowing the artist to be freed up to be more creative and stretch the bounds of their imagination.

In the last 25+ years, he has worked for corporations such as Steelcase, where he was a Technical Illustrator plying the wonders of Adobe Illustrator to assembly directions. He has created book covers, art for children's books, conceptual art for movie pitches, toy and game design utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator. Most recently, he has been designing his own line of paper model kits utilizing 3D software and the two aforementioned pieces of software in conjunction.

Kendall College of Art - Grand Rapids, MI
Bachelor’s Degree - BFA Illustration

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CS3, Freehand, Quark, Painter, Strata Studio Pro, Animation Master, Acrobat, Word, Director, Quicktime, imovie, idvd
Perry Design Consulting 2001 – Present
Strategic design and product development consultancy
• Strategic design direction and marketing analysis of consumer products with emphasis on toy design and toy prototyping;
• Extensive experience in concept and art design, technical illustration, graphic design, computer model building, sculpting; additionally accomplished experience in animation & computer animation, animatics, logos, comic art, cartooning, logos, litigation graphics and storyboards;
• Primary focus has been in the development of art for the character/look of the product and 3D animation that shows respective clients what each prototype is supposed to do;
• Accomplished experience sculpting prototypes and maquettes; this also includes taking board games to finished prototype by creating all board art, sculpted and cast custom game pieces and box art.

Partial listing of Clients and Products:

Steelcase, Inc.: Technical Illustration, Research and recommend new ideas to make the division I was assigned to a more essential unit. This included investigating a cheaper and faster way to create product prototypes using off the shelf 3D software packages, animation of prototypes as needed, and investigation into rapid prototyping utilizing models created with aforementioned off the shelf software.

DIC Enterprises: Character Design “Little Angels”
FASA: Wargaming Illustrations
Classic Animation: Television Ad for a Phone Company (CDI)
Typecasters, Ltd.: Various Cartoon/Animations
Trillion Post Productions: Animation for Whirlpool and Arena Football Ad
Amway Corp.: Storyboards
Texas Muleduck: Conceptual Art/Computer Modeling
TRW: Art/Animation the CERES Project
Visual Designs: Creative Director/Storyboards/Computer Modeller
Whiffle Creek Mills: Promotional Art/Image Campaign
Mission Studios: Character Art for Space Battlecruiser 3000
Developmental Enterprises: Art/Creative Director Promotional Art/Graphics/POP Displays for “Wall Street Raiders” board game. Crazy Eights dice game art and packaging; sticker designs for gumball machine premiums. Art for coloring book series.
Bungie: Character Design
Activision: Conceptual Art
Astropolitan Pictures: Computer Modeling of main vehicle “Haulcraft”
Renegade Toys and Games: Created a multi tile board game, created all the art, box graphics, sculpted and cast the game pieces. Created paper model kits; Including the Thunderbolt Mk.III, Ranger Interceptor, and Talon fighter (computer model, test build, graphics, Reference photos for instructions, Technical illustration for instructions).
Melvin Cruz: Character maquette
Legal Graphic Communicators: Litigation Graphics, Graphic design including reconstruction of old packaging to original specifications for a client.
WMS Gaming: Animation for Video Slots/Game Design, storyboarding and character/background designs for games such as “Outback Adventure”.
The Marketing Store: Garfield Keychain Designs

Northland Publishing: Mazes for a book to be sold at gift stores in the National Parks.

Playing Mantis Toys: Micro Johnny Lightning Playsets
Rigby: Art for Kid’s Animation Book
Don Johnson, Inc.: Computer Art for Book of Solar System
Toy Vault: Yu-Gi-Oh Conceptual Art/Sculpt for a themed coin bank.
Tangle Toys: Prototype Sculpts
Beanfit: Book Illustrations
Lund and Co.: Toy Designs, Patent Illustration
Round 2: Toy Designs
ARTS DAISY: Photo Retouch
Brian Willshire: Book cover art and logo for “Moonbase Eden”
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Graphic Design