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Lucas Ballard

Freelance Blog Writer & Children's Book Writer

Location:Lansing, Michigan, United States
Phone: (517) 775-0691
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Hi, my name is Lucas. Don't confuse my price with skill. If you like deep conversations and an imagination you have come to the right place. I am willing to do blog jobs and other writing if you want something deep, unique, very edgy and original, you won't be disappointed. I don't have to be edgy but I tend to be, not in your typical way either its more truth edgy. Anyways, I can be sweet too, don't you worry. As for my imagination boundless, but I tend to dislike time travel and it doesn't help that I can also disprove scientists. I'm a fan of reality and magic. Basically, I like my magic real. This prevents people from getting lost in nonsense, like what actually happened? Please note; I like to help, so feel free to leave a message.