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Alisha Bartrum

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Location:Bellefontaine, Ohio, United States
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My name is Alisha Bartrum and I am a freelance illustrator. Drawing is my life and I would like to be able to make a living out of it someday. For two years I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Media and Animation, but was unable to continue study there due to financial reasons.
I have personally been drawing for almost ten years and have developed many styles and interests. My work is very flexible and I can cover a large range of styles and techniques. Anything from anime styled work to semi realistic or surreal is possible for me. Most of my work is done in traditional inks and pens and then colored or fixed in photoshop/corel. I have formal training of two years in Photoshop and informal training in Sai, Corel, Illustrator and Flash. Yet all of these programs I can work with skill.
Personally I am very easy to work with and will get you the image you think is best for your use. Suggestions, critiques and improvements on my work are always welcome. I hope to do my best to help you get the best images for your needs and wants.