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Courtney LaBonte

Freelance Website Ad Designer & Business Card Designer

Location:Providence, Rhode Island, United States
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For 12 years I worked with the mentally disabled. I worked in many areas in the agency and very much enjoyed it. During my time there we held an annual golf tournament, I was able to get many people to attend and donate for the cause. I would go to numerous places and was very successful. I was also able to have a large area that was covered in rocks, cemented. It was done by donation because I wrote a letter and brought it to the company. I was able to also get hundreds of cans of paint donated by Home Depot.
I then started working for a board certified Psychiatrist whom helped people with mental help issues along with substance abuse. His practice was not doing well, so I suggested marketing. I went above and beyond, community newspapers, bringing business cards to every and every place I could. I was able to bring his monthly earnings up 75% due to my out going personality and my ambition to see a business grow. I also have great internet skills, and my fiance is also a website developer that assists in helping with cards, letter head paper etc. I am extremely motivated with an excellent ability to getting a new, slow, or want for growth business or company where it needs to be.