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Darren D'Altorio

Freelance Article Writer, Fashion Photographer, & More

Location:Columbus, Ohio, United States
Phone: 330.221.7850
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I'm an entrepreneur, and my business is communication.

As a journalist, I've worked domestically and internationally for various organizations and news services, researching, reporting and writing news articles and feature stories on a myriad of topics, including fashion, health care, tourism, travel, food, art, education, politics, business and leisure.

I am a people person, thriving off the energy, conversation and emotions of others, while simultaneously bringing my own blend of energy to every interaction I have. I believe communication is like ***- when it's one-sided, it's not that great for anybody.

If you've found my profile-Awesome! Thank you for stopping by.

A few things to note: I'm capable and versatile in the disciplines of writing, editing, photography, business development, marketing, public relations, advertising and sales. I'm an idea engine with a flair for creative expression. I believe in giving value up front and results when the smoke clears. I'm goal oriented and motivated, willing to invest my time and resources so you can execute your visions, dreams and adventures EXACTLY the way you wish.

I've written professionally for KosovaLive, The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the Daily Kent Stater, PromoWest Live and Artemis Magazine. I've photographed fashion editorials for The Vintage Vine and also photographed promotional campaigns for Live Loud Entertainment, Bistro on Main, Phiner Bistro and Central Ohio NORML. Wedding photography and senior portraiture are also areas I dabble on a project-by-project basis.

Bottom line is this: I'm here to work for you! Whatever your project needs are, I'm here to make your vision tangible. I live to work, play and share ideas.

Do not hesitate to contact me.


My mantras:

Ideas Matter. Communicate Yours.
Collaboration is key -- Let's do something big together.