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Location:Harrison, New Jersey, United States
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A writer by nature, I wrote my first short story at age 8...and it never stopped! I've always been known for being an articulate and effective communicator; as I'm always looking to update and enhance my vocabulary, and love to utilize punctuations and grammar as they were meant to be used. My friends & family jokingly refer to me as "the human dictionary"....yet I'm not a "know-it-all", so I'm not too proud to use a dictionary, thesaurus, or encyclopedia. And as a firm believer in the power of knowledge, I can write and speak to & for just about any audience...because we all learn together on some level.

Besides having written numerous poems & short stories (for mature audiences), I have embarked on the journey of writing novels. I (along w/my co-author) completed my first novel about three years ago. An intelligent, suspenseful, gritty story of a young urban entrepenuer who lived a hard life and in turn suffered a cold death, only to be saved by an angel...but this angel isn't a fan of humans or their careless behaviors, and wants to be compensated for his "good deed". The story is in process for self-publication.

My love for literature and intrigue at the brilliance that can come from any human mind, encouraged me to major in English literature & psychology in high school. Yet, unaware of the prospects of a writing career, my talents were limited to clerical jobs, my work in communications as a Certified Medical Assistant/Office Manager, becoming the unofficial mediator within friend/family quarrels, and the unofficial "copywriter/ghost writer" for those w/much to say but can't find the right words (mostly via letters).

Despite having always been shy, personal, protective, and very critical over my works, I have begun sharing my works on poetry sites.
Outwardly embracing & sharing my talents w/those other than friends & family is new territory for me...But I would like the opportunity to utilize the gift I was given for purposes I can enjoy. I've enrolled w/the University of Phoenix's liberal arts program to obtain my Associates degree in Business Communications. I would like an opportunity to be taken seriously as a writer and learn the business as well. I am gratefully open to all prospective initiatives.
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