Mahmoud Ibrahim

Freelance Translator & Proofreader

Location:Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Phone: +447947953220
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I have several years of experience in translation and research . My academic career as a student of Languages and Translation and my professional career as a translator together make me familiar with the technical language and various academic approaches of different fields. I have taken two master degrees, and currently making a PhD in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. This, in line with my traditional 5-year degree of Languages and Translation from the Egyptian prestigious al-Azhar University makes me fully familiar with research methods and approaches and scholarly discipline of different scholarly areas. My study at al-Azhar University was focused on both Islamic Studies and the English language, particularly different kinds of translation and interpretation: written, oral, at sight, and consecutive translation, as well as simultaneous interpretation. This is shown clearly in my degree transcript that shows I have graduated with “distinction” in all kinds of translation and interpretation.

Also, I have written several dissertations and studied in the East and the West: I studied the English language and traditional Islamic studies at al-Azhar University in Egypt, and I have also studied Western approaches and techniques in three of the most prestigious universities in the West. This makes me acquainted with Eastern and Western approaches and techniques and gives me the knowledge necessary to excel in this position. My status as a native speaker of Arabic combined with my detailed study at al-Azhar University particularly give me in depth knowledge of the Arabic Language and sciences and their application in and interaction with different academic disciplines. I am also involved in a vividly dynamic and multicultural academic environment because of my position as a PhD candidate and tutor at the University of Edinburgh.

Concerning my professional career, I worked as in-house translator for one year and a half and then as a freelancer. I have undertaken several translation projects in several disciplines that vary from Islamic Studies to Medical Engineering, and have also acted as interpreter in many situations where I was the link between two persons or groups each of whom speaks either Arabic or English. This is further emphasized by my IELTS score of 7.5, which I have obtained about th months ago when I was in the Netherlands. After that, I have moved to the UK and studied my second master and PhD, which surely has far-reaching effect on improving my English Language skills and communication. My social activities and the lessons and sermons I am used to giving in Arabic and English further strengthen my linguistic and communication skills.
So, my translation skills, together with research skills and my knowledge of the classical and contemporary scholarship, all combine to make me the candidate you are looking for
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