Jalane Dennis

Freelance Blog Writer & Annual Report Writer

Location:Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada
2 Skills
Thanks for your consideration! I am a very creative person, who is passionate about the written word. I enjoy blogging, and essentially any creative writing outlet. I have a very wide range of interests, upon which I base my writing projects. I excel in doing quality research, and including the conclusions my research leads to in my writing. Although writing is my passion, I also have compiled a lot of experience in the field of human resources and administration. I have extensive retail, managerial, administrative and clerical work experience. I have successfully filled 4 management positions, adding to the financial growth, customer base, and policies of each business. I am passionate about retail, and have a lot experience in sales, (auto, clothing, food and beverage, etc.). I love to write, am gramatically apt, and I am very driven. I have excellent time management skills, am able to lead a team, and a deadline means exactly that. Deadlines are always met! I have been responsible for leading multiple sales teams, payroll of 30, and subsuquent source deductions, a large accounts receivable / payable, T4 filing and summary, quarterly GST filing, year end reporting, cash control for sums up to $20,000 CAD, supervising and paying live entertainment, and evironment canada reporting for controlled substances, (perchloroethylene, a drycleaning solvent). My full resume is available to those who are interested for hiring purposes.