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Michael Bogatin

Freelance 3D Animator & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
Phone: 8138437897
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Mr. Bogatin is an experienced 3D Animation Specialist in computer simulations and Internet Web Developer. He is an expert user in 3D Studio Max, V Ray, After Affects, Photoshop, Civil 3D, software applications. He specializes in creating three dimensional computer models for video presentations and realistic photo simulations. Mr. Bogatin is responsible for 3D modeling, animating, creating realistic materials and lighting and rendering of computer simulations. The result is a specialized custom communications tool that can be presented over a wide range of media. Recent Project types include airports, bridges, interstate highway systems, mass transit facilities and office buildings. Outside engineering projects have included medical illustrations and simulations, broadcast special effects, industrial safety training, Legal accident recreations and projects diverse as weight training illustrations, magazine and book illustrations and flash programming.

Seeking an opportunity in challenging, hands on position in 3-dimensional design, computer animation and video production or game design where advancement and practical experience can serve as a basis for career placement and future growth.

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. Architecture 1983-1989

*Steel Analysis and Design
*Reinforced Concrete Design
*Acoustics Design and Application
*Solar Home Design & HVAC
*Drawing and Design

*Proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3D Studio Max, Sketch Up, AutoCAD including Civil 3d and Map, Navisworks and most business oriented programs (word processors, spreadsheets and accounting software)
*Comprehensive knowledge of PC and MAC compatible systems
*Experience in general programming applications Such as Flash, Scripting, Crystal, Visual Basic and some Database experience.


Oct 10 – Present, Trial Exhibits, Tampa Fl
Freelance projects
•Computer Animation simulations and Video Production used in civil trials

June 98 – Sep 11, URS Corporation, Tampa, FL
Project Manager
•Computer Animation and Video Production
•Programming and Multi-media Development
•IT render farm manager

Nov. 96-Dec. 96, Greiner Corporation, Tampa, FL
Project Manager
•Computer Animation and Video Production
•Programming and Multi-media Development
•Network Administrator

Jan. 96-Nov. 96, Pulse Productions, Largo, FL
Project Manager
•Computer Animation and Video Production
•Programming and Multi-media Development
•Network Administrator

Jan. 95-Jan. 96, Interactive Media Solutions, St. Petersburg, FL
Vice President of Multi-Media
•Computer Animation and Video Production
•Programming and Multi-media Development
•Network Administrator

May 94-Dec. 95, Steven Whitehouse Engineers, Tampa, FL
Project Manager
•Design and Drawing of Structural System
•Projects include Channel 28 and the Lowery Park Zoo
•3D Presentations


SIGGRAPH Board Member, Eagle Scout, Animation, Sailing, Diving, Painting and Golf

Exxon Mobil Groundwater Contamination

Michael worked with the team at Trial Exhibits to explain how a gas station leak contaminated groundwater drinking wells in rural Maryland. The case had around 110 defendants. There was a jury verdict totaling 1.3 billion dollars. Michael was scheduled to do more groundwater cases with Trial Exhibits but the cases have settled before trial.

Education City
Doha, Qatar

URS Houston, URS Doha and URS Creative imaging teamed to make a design build presentation to the king of Qatar. Education City is a large campus. Michael worked with the architects and interior designers to showcase the public, semi-private and private spaces displaying security, aesthetic, lighting and material simulations with multiple schemes.

Guangzhou Airport
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

URS Creative Imaging Department was selected to create a video presentation of the conceptual design for the URS Architects in Colu,mbus, OH. The Project required extensive detailed interior and exterior 3D modeling of the Gaungzou Airport complex. Dozens of 3D animations were made to show the intricate design of the buildings and how passengers moved through the airport. Michael was responsible for working with the Architects to complete their design computer models rendering it into a finished video simulation.
Featured in the 2001 SIGGRAPH Animation Festival, Los Angeles, CA

Houston Airport System
Houston, Texas

URS Greiner Creative Imaging Department was selected to create a series of public relation tools for use by the HAS staff. The Project required extensive detailed 3D modeling of the airport complexes for both Bush Intercontinental and Hobby Airport. Dozens of 3D animations were made to help explain the new master plan concept; there was also an interactive CD that helps explain all the features of the new plan. Michael was responsible for computer modeling, materials, lighting and rendering.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge
Washington, DC

URS Greiner was selected to facilitate the selection of a bridge design consultant for this bridge replacement. Michael was responsible for creating very detailed 3D models of each of the seven entries. He then superimposing these models on top of site photographs to create a total of seventy before/after images, that will be displayed for public review and to help select the new bridge design.
Featured in 2001, SIGGRAPGH International Design Conference, Los Angeles, California
Featured on the Discovery Channel Modern Marvels.

MBTA, Boston Silver Line
Boston, Massachusetts

The MBTA needed a promotional tool to help discuss the plans for a new mass transit line. Michael was responsible for modeling, animating and rendering a ten-minute video depicting the new Silver line in operation along Washington Street. Twenty-five views were photographed and the 3D model was aligned and rendered over the photographs. The final product shows the new silver line in operation with cars and busses traveling in their lanes.

Miami Airport Central Blvd.
Miami, Florida

URS Creative Imaging Department created a video that demonstrated the phased construction of Central Blvd. Michael was responsible for creating a very detailed 3D model of the Airport main entrance video animation depicting the existing and demonstrating the phases of construction and maintenance of traffic.

I-275/I-4 Expressway and Crosstown Connector
Tampa, Florida

URS served as the Interstate Program Managers on the 300 million-dollar Interstate improvement. Michael was responsible for creating a very detailed 3D model of the 4-mile interstate interchange, as well as public display boards and video animations. The display boards contain dozens of close-up photos with the 3D-computer model overlay. Michael also created a video animation depicting the existing interstate system with the new improvements being shown as the viewer drives down the road.
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3D Animation
3D Graphic Design