Eric Knisley

Freelance 3D Animator & Cartoonist

Location:Cary, North Carolina, United States
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Eric Knisley
201 NC Hwy 54 West | Chateau Apt. 422 | Carrboro, NC 27510 | 919-491-7406 |

Senior Visual Artist/Animator, Proven Team Builder and Leader, Broad Experience, Technical Competence, Creative Problem-Solver, 2D and 3D, Audio and Video Editor, Motion Graphics, International Expertise
Animator | Photographer | Cartoonist | Dome Guy

Highly experienced 3D Animator, Visual Artist, Illustrator and Cartoonist with mastery of both digital and analog graphics tools. Experienced across a wide range of applications, from web graphics to motion graphics to animation for planetarium domes and everything in between. Directed highly successful multimedia teams on every continent except Antarctica. Specialist in immersive environments such as domes, and large displays of all sorts. Proven team-builder and leader, the acknowledged “glue” of work groups large and small

Professional Experience
Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) 2007-2009
UNC-Chapel Hill, NC, USA | Senior Visualization Software Research Developer

Morehead Planetarium
Weekly critique of the Morehead's ongoing original content creation projects, with team of three. I have brought my many years of dome content creation to bear on this collaboration, with outstanding results. Credited as a Creative Consultant on the Morehead's first original show, "Earth, Moon and Sun". Credited by Morehead staff as saving them “ten years” of start-up time.

Create a realistic animated storm at sea for use as rear-projected imagery in a production of Shakespeare’s play. Created in collaboration with well-known video artist Francesca Talenti of UNC Communications Dept. Animation was “very important” to the success of the production.

CHAT 2010 Project
Create interactive immersive art installation for use in dome projection system. Working in collaboration with video artist and UNC Professor Joyce Rudinsky to bring a unique vision to life. The project will be featured in the CHAT 2010 digital arts festival at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Create all art and design for an educational comic book. Book is used successfully in a series of ten focus group meetings to direct discussion of technology’s impact on North Carolina citizens.

R. Jude Samulski PhD project
Create a dome-enabled animation to visualize Dr. Samulski’s novel method of treatment for Muscular Dystrophy. The animation is used by Dr. Samulski to illustrate his methods to donors and other funders. The dome-enabled “pitch” has been very successful across more than six months.

“Extra Mile” Award for effort above and beyond the call of duty, specifically for many extra hours spent on Dr. Samulski’s animation project.

“Award of Excellence” Award for outstanding effort on the very successful Morehead Planetarium projects.

Immersive Display UK (IDUK) 2006-2008
Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, UK | 3D Animator/Director of Content Research
Hindan Air Base
Delhi, India. Oversaw installation of hardware and software for a major flight simulation system. Work included a total of three months of hands-on work in a classified locale, working in collaboration with software teams from Russia and Israel and hardware experts from Singapore and India. Total team numbered 20.

Leipzig Games Conference 2007
Leipzig, Germany. Oversaw installation of dome projection system and custom version of Microsoft Flight Simulator for use in major video game conference that attracted nearly 200,000 visitors. Team of 7.

Excite! Exhibiting Show
London, England. Created custom stereoscopic animation for a dome system, oversaw installation of same plus audio and other systems. Technical liaison during the show.

Other clients included the University of East London, PC World Stores (London, Colchester), Leeds Met University, the University at Edinburgh, Heriot Watt University, Toys R Us (Dubai), Microsoft Games. Projects have included systems for use in perceptual research, dome theaters, marketing and trade show displays.

Elumens Corporation 1996-2006
Durham, NC, USA | Director of Content Development/3D Animator

DreamTemple and WaveUFO
Tokyo, Japan and New York, NY. Worked with famous Japanese video installation artist Mariko Mori to fashion animation for use in large-scale art installations. These two pieces were experienced by many thousands of people since opening.

Seattle, WA, USA. Worked with Boeing engineers and media designers to create a huge dome projection system and content for use in trade shows, expos and the like. The system was on the road continuously for more than ten years.

The Museum of World Religions
Taipei, Taiwan. Installed a five-meter overhead dome projection system, created first show for the system, and trained Museum staff in the techniques of dome-correct content creation. The system has been in place since 2001.

Designed, animated and scored more than twenty-five custom pieces of animation for use in Elumens trade shows, expos, road shows and the like. Animation was designed for use in large dome systems, and featured exciting and compelling 3D animation. Created most of the music, sound effects and voice-overs used in these pieces.

Freelance Animator 2003-2006
Durham, NC, USA | 3D Animator

Gateless Gate
Animation, video edits, compositing
Collaborative project with Brooklyn artist Mike Houston. Animation was used as inspiration for a “Zen Opera”..

The Masque of the Red Death
Animation, original design, original art
Worked with choreographer Heather Maloy to create animated backdrops for a ballet of Poe’s classic tale of terror.
Freelance Cartoonist Always
Comic books and cartooning. I have self-published about twenty comic books since 1985, including a Xeric Award winning comic in 1996. Recent books have included political satire, collections of art and full-color long-form comics.

3DS MAX, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, After Effects, Premiere, Wings3D, Blender, ACID, Soundbooth, Dreamweaver, Unity3D, ParticleIllusion, and a host of graphics and media utilities and plug-ins.

Cartooning, layout, design, storyboards, character design, low-and high-polygon count modeling, animation, airbrush art, environment design, narrative, freehand drawing and sketching, conceptual design, storytelling, sound and video editing, music composition and production, voice-over.

Mars Hill College Majors: English, Music
UNC-Chapel Hill Majors: Art, History
Kenan-Flagler Business School Currently enrolled in MBA Class
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