Freelance Drawer & Arabic Translator

Location:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills
2007- Candidate for PH.D (3rd year) Arabic & Quranic Studies
Now – University of Toronto,
Toronto, Canada

2002-2003 Master of Arts, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.
Middle Eastern Studies (Arabic Literature)

1998-2001 Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto, Canada
Major: Middle Eastern Studies
Minor: Linguistics

1976-1980 Bachelor of Arts and Education, University of Alexandria, Egypt
Major: English Language and Literature
Major: Education

Skills Computer and Language Skills
. Microsoft word/Excel and Macintosh environments, Internet
. Native Speaker of Arabic, with fluency in English and fair knowledge of

Other . Organizational and problem solving skills
. Ability to manage multiple tasks and set priorities
. Ability to cope under pressure
. Motivated and effective team player
. Critical thinking

Work Experience
2011-Present University of Toronto at Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Arabic Instructor

2008-2010 University of Toronto at Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
- Elementary Arabic

2008-2009 University of Toronto, Toronto,Ontario, Canada
Teaching Assistant
- Intermediate Arabic (310Y)
- Islamic History (273Y)

2007-2008 University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Teaching Assistant
- History of Islam till the Fall of Baghdad NMC273Y
- Elementary Arabic (210Y) (Sept. 2007 – May, 2008)
- Classical Arabic Literature (412Y)
- Interpretation of the Quran

2007-Now Upper Canada College, Toronto, Canada
Instructor of Arabic (Advanced) and Islamic Civilization

2005-Now Wheable Center for Adult Education, London, Ontario
Arabic Teacher (Saturday Classes)

2004-2005 Al-Hikmah International School, Manamah, Bahrain.
Teacher of English as a Second Language

2001-2003 University of Toronto, Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilization
- Provided assistance in reading classical Arabic poetry and prose texts
- Helped catalogue Arabic manuscripts of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library-
University of Toronto Canada
- Researched in the area of Arabic and Islamic Studies in the following
. Educational Teachings of Abu Hanifah (paper)
. Al-Ajurri’s “Akhlaqul-?alim wa al-Muta?alim ” (paper)
. Ibn al-Muqqaffa?’s “al-adab al-saghir/ al-adab al-kabir” (translation)
. Proofread texts of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali’s “Ihya’ ” (Proofreading and
. The Artistic Imaging in the Prophetic Hadith (translation and commentary)
. The Artistic Imaging in the Qur’an According to Sayyid Qutb (translation
and commentary)
. Translation of selected texts from Usama ibn Munqidh’s “kitabu al-i?tibar”

1998-2001 Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada
Proofreader/ Translator

1986-1992 Saudi Telecommunications, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Training Center
English/Arabic/English Translator

1981-1986 Ministry of Defense, Artillery Section
English/Arabic/English Translator/ Interpreter

1980-1981 Ministry of Education/ Umar Makram's High School, Egypt
Teacher of English as a Second Language
Other Related Experiences:
Private Translator
Private tutor

References: Available upon request

1. Prof. Sebastian Guenther – "Guenther, Sebastian"
2. Prof. Christopher Chuck (416) 5865697
Royal Ontario Museum
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Arabic Translation