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Makesi Boland

Freelance Video Editor & Multimedia Freelancer

Location:Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Phone: 9055375275
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1117-604 East Lake Blvd NE 905-537-5275
Airdrie, AB, T4A 0G5


To obtain a full time position within your organization that will utilize my extensive experience and further developed new knowledge, skills and abilities.

• Uncommon ability to perform with speed and accuracy without immediate and constant supervision.
• Excellent eye for detail when creating/editing any project.
• Proven accuracy, reliable, detail-oriented and capacity to shoulder higher responsibility and to prioritize multiple assignments/projects.
• Extremely productive in high volume, high stress environment.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills including English grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
• Keen user and learner of computer software programs; entering and maintaining accurate data and statistical information using Windows, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

• 45 wpm.
• Electronic Mail & Internet Skills:
? Electronic Mail: Compose, send and respond to electronic mail. Utilize e-mail program functions such as calendars and meeting requests.
? Internet: Navigate the internet to find and download information.
• Spreadsheet: Use Microsoft Excel to create, modify, print, and format spreadsheets, find and replace data, and work with basic formulas and functions styles, multiple worksheets, and create and format charts and graphs.
• Word Processing: Use Microsoft Word to create, format, edit, preview, print and save documents Use standard functions to select, paste, format and spell check. Create bulleted and numbered lists, indent and align paragraphs, and use of bordering and shading features.
• Presentation Software:
? Use PowerPoint to create, format, edit, run slide shows, integrate text with graphics, motions and sounds, previewing and printing slides, speaker notes, handouts, inserting sound and motion clip files, hyperlinks, and action buttons, importing data; and, creating and customizing charts and tables.
? Use Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Motion to create motion graphics, visual effects, animation; composite media in 2D and 3D space; make video look like film or cartoon; create slow motion; create animated charts, graphs and other data visualization; calculate 3D movement of a camera in a 2D video shot; eliminate flicker, noise or rigging lines; translate timelines from FCP or Avid; and, add high end color correction.
? Use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate and enhance photos by sharpening, color correcting, blemish removing, contrast editing; add frames, borders, covers; produce covers for DVDs and CDs; and, create effects like ripples, canvas, puzzle etc.
? Use LiveType Animation to manipulate and enhance special effect on letters.
? Use Dvd Authoring to add graphics and interactive content such as opening logo, create main menu page, create index, and create scene selection for DVDs.

Credit Card Application Department August 2011 – Present
Bridgewater Bank, Calgary, AB.
• Load and create new application.
• Fill in missing information for application.
• Answer all clients’ inquiries and concerns.
• Informing clients of status such as approving and declining of CAA MasterCard.
• Assist other co-workers when required.
• Learn Bridgewater Bank database.
Operations Manager March 2011 – Present
• Create and maintain company website.
• Answer all phone calls.
• Answer customer inquires and concerns.
• Provide quote for cleaning service.
• Follow up with every client after each clean.
• Create cleaning schedule for cleaners and clients.
• Update and maintain expense sheet.
• Deposit cash/cheque into company account.
• Purchase all cleaning supplies.
• Search, screen, interview and hire employees.
• Seek new customers to expand client base.
Data Entry December 2010 – February 2011
TAB COE, Calgary, AB.
• Learn TAB COE databases such as CS and DB Text.
• Learn information regarding oil wells and unique well identifier (UWI).
• Select boxes to complete work assignment.
• Compare computer data with documents.
• Compile, sort and verify the accuracy of data before it is entered.
• Locate and correct data entry errors, and report them to supervisors.
• Maintain Excel Spreadsheet of updated or edited activities and completed work.
• Store completed boxes and documents in appropriate locations.
Post Production Supervisor October 2007- November 2010
Bizclip, Hamilton, ON.
• Edit commercials for businesses from phone directories such as Yellowpages, Goldbook, Canpages etc.
• Produce 4 thirty seconds to a minute length commercials on a daily basis.
• Suggest and implement creative and innovative ideas to increase company’s productivity.
• Inquire and update editing software for editing quality and efficiency.
• Direct editors in final production of commercials.
• Record all completed commercials in EXCEL worksheet.
• Train new editors in accordance to company standards and requirements.
• Screen all commercials created by editors before final production for clients.
• Interact directly with clients when creating commercials.
• Follow up with clients when commercials are complete to ensure client satisfaction.
Customer Services Rep (Accounts Receivable) 2006-2007
NCO Financial Group/Sprint, Toronto, ON.
• Assist customers with credit card and cheque payments.
• Setup payment arrangements for delinquent customers.
• Transfer calls to proper departments.
• Remain calm when dealing with irate customers.
• Ensure customer satisfaction with every customer.
Assembly Worker 2005-2006
Mytox, Vaughn, ON.
• Worked in assembly line.
• Produce running boards of General Motors.
• Ensure safety and quality assurance with car parts.
• Produce over 1200 parts per shift.
• Able to fix machines and equipments when not functioning.

Visa Activations 2003-2004
Vox Data, Toronto, ON.
• Activate Royal Bank Visa Cards.
• Attend to inbound calls only.
• Cross-sell insurance for visa cards.
• Direct calls to proper departments.
• Ensure customer satisfaction with every customer.
Market Research Consultant 2002-2003
Can track Research, Toronto, ON.
• Work with a team to reach production targets.
• Conduct interviews via telephone throughout North America.
• Ensure full professionalism when speaking with customers.
The Great-West Life Assurance 2001-2002
Mail-Room Clerk, Toronto, ON.
• Receive, open and organize all mails containing insurance policies.
• Move heavy boxes containing materials, files and supplies.
• Handle incoming and outgoing faxes.
• Check customer policies, and inquires
• Answer phone calls and direct calls to appropriate department.
• Keep mailroom clean by organizing materials in designated location.
Full Service Attendant 1999-2001
Esso Gas, Toronto, ON.
• Operate cash register; handle large amounts of cash.
• Provide oil changes, check tire pressure and top up automobile and truck fluids for customers.
• Ensure high level of customer service.
• Train new employees.
• Answer phones and customer inquires.
• Open and close store in accordance to store hours.

Toronto School of Arts, Toronto, ON. 2007-2007 - Digital Video Editing
• Final Cut trained.
• Green Screen Trained on Final Cut.
• Trained on Capturing and Digital Cutting.
International Academy of Design and Technology/Toronto Film School, Toronto, ON. 2005-2006
- Digital Video Editing
• Studying the concepts of Digital Editing.
• Trained on Avid system.
• Creating portfolio for future job opportunities.
Toronto Films Work (CFC Canadian Film Centre), Toronto, ON. 2004-2005
- Video editor
• Learned griping and gaffing.
• Study the art of film making.
• Trained with cameras, video editing software (Final Cut Pro) and lighting.
• Trained with Directors and producers.
• Help on set of short films and TV commercials.
• Successfully completed course.

Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology, Scarborough, ON. 2002 - 2003
- International Business
• Excelling in Marketing and Economics.
• Study on Accounting and Business Marketing.

Epilepsy Toronto, Toronto, ON. 2005-2006
• Produce a documentary for their 50th Anniversary that aired on local community stations.
Teacher’s Assistant 1997-1999
Full Circle Daycare, Toronto, ON.
• Plan and organize games and activities.
• Accompany children, between the ages of 5-12 years on outings and field trips.
• Assist children with their homework and assignments.

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