Don Soucy

Freelance Audio Editor & Music Producer

Location:Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 778 424-4096
2 Skills
Conference & Seminar speaker audio recording, CD manufacturing and distribution operation with successful online CD mailout and MP3 download website.

Location audio recording with reproduction capacity of over 500 CDs per hour labelled, boxed and delivered to customers within 15 minutes of completion of audio event. Fully integrated package in vinyl DVD case or zipper wallet

Professional audio recording engineer/producer, audio post-processor and editor with audio mastering skills.

Custom CD production from supplied original MP3 or WAV files.
Custom DVD duplication and production from supplied DVD masters.

Design and construction of custom broadcasting & recording studios

Setup and maintain E-Commerce site with unattended automatic download of intellectual property such as MP3 or PDF files as 'turnkey' operation

A writer, editor and of course proofreader with skills honed by years of creating advertising copy, website text and technical descriptions, for use in various business ventures.

Spelling, grammar, and eloquence all catch my eye, and brevity fuels my vision.

"An idea is only as good as the ability to express it"
Skills (2) Rating
Audio Editing
Music Production