Ivory Jones

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & Bookkeeper

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Phone: 4072213915
Website: http://www.wix.com/ivoryjones23/ivory-jones
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Ivory Jones
1698 Astor Farms PL
Sanford, FL 32771

Ipresent Solutions
Created line art design documents using Adobe Illustrator and photoshop.
Design character sheet in 2d and developed the detail mesh in zbrush. Built web applications using javascript and Unity 3D. Designed user interface for medical applications using Unity 3D and Photoshop by creating vector art and HUD display. Create a framework that would allow plugin and play for other applications. Upgraded hardware for graphic resources. Responsible for system administration duties such as network setup and configuration for Windows OS and MAC.

Sungard PS Support Analyst & Programmer For CAD400 and Public Safety Applications
To provide functional and technical assistance to customers within the standard support guidelines. Collaborate with resources from other groups as needed to resolve customer issues. Mentor and share information to improve overall knowledge of support team. Iseries, CAD400, Crimes, Fires, AS400, and SunGard Public Sector software experience
Setup system administration and Oracle networks for business solutions.

ID Tech Video Game Instructor; Current (seasonal position)
Instruct courses in game design, character development and environment creation. Teaching students between the ages of 12-18 history of 2d games, C++ scripting, and the tools of game engines. Using software like Beyond virtual, Fusion, and 3ds they are able to create amazing visual effects at the end of their session.

Best Buy Computer Sales Specialist; April 05 – Mar 07
Geek Squad services, one on one customer interaction, problem solving computer software and hardware, networking, responsible for giving customers recommendations on computer services for their individual need. Wireless network installation, defrag, vista customization for computer efficiency, hardware install, data backup, and network security setup.

Walgreens Assistant Manager; Sep 04-April 05
One on one customer interaction, delegating responsibilities to each employee, closing manager, responsible for entire store running accordingly to achieve unmatched customer service.

Developing realistic fluids:
Breakdown of methods used to generate photo-realistic fluid dynamic effects. The viewer takes a step-by-step look at the fundamental procedures and parameters within Real Flow that together establish an essential, practical, working knowledge of the program. The skillset contains but not limited to:

• Command Line
• Scale
• Emitter, Object and
• Mesh Parameters
• Mesh Methodology
• Daemon Parameters
• Core parameters and
• Production Ready Workflow
• Flow Shape, Flow Director Objects
• and Sculpting Fluid Methodologies

Creature Design:
Concept sculpting and designing the character entirely within Zbrush and blocking out the forms and fleshing out the muscles, to adding props, detailing with alphas and posing the character. Sketching and drawing in Photoshop®, and manipulating, warping and blending photos to develop interesting features, backgrounds and textures. The skillset contains but is not limited to:

• Drawing in Photoshop®
• Adding Textures
• Getting Color Palettes from Photos
• Painting Over Background Images
• Layering Photos Over Background Images to Design Creatures
• Working Over and Blending Photo Textures
• Detailing Your Concepts

Application Design:
Creating visual effects from texture to behavior and integration into an alpha stage game level. Using Adobe Photoshop®, AfterEffects, Zbrush and 3ds Max to create textures, and demonstrates essential methods for efficiency and optimization of visual effects to be used in a video game or simulation. Have basic knowledge in javascript programming and C sharp using Unity 3D engine, Develop UI for simulation applications and mobile applications.
Navy 2000
Basic underwater demolition training, intense physical & mental training.
Sniper training, 13 bravo artery gunner, and sniper elite.

Full Sail University
Associate of Science Degree in Computer Animation

Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design (current)

CTU Colorado Technical University
Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology
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3D Graphic Design