Wade Turrentine

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Location:Lakin, Kansas, United States
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My name is Wade, but I go by my middle name, which is Dylan. I have worked for AT&T for the past 10 months and even though my pay is good I would like to work in my spare time but have been restricted with time. I am a full time employee and spend most of day and week at the store, which has inhibited me from getting a "normal" part time job. So I came upon freelanced and I'm very aware that I am MORE than qualified to do any task that is handed to me.

My skills and talents are vast and varied as I excel in more than just one area. I can type 115 words a minute, I'm comfortable using all of the Microsoft Office programs. I understand all of today's popular smart phone operating systems and can generally fix any problem an individual would incur with these types of devices. I have also been very into writing since I was younger and would love to write articles, essays, forums, columns, or even help you with editing papers. Traveling is something I enjoy and wouldnt mind doing on my days off to help meet a job that has been given to me.

That is mostly all I have to offer but I love being presented with a challenge. There's nothing to big for me to take on and I pride myself in my professionalism. Deadlines are also very important to me and I will meet them as much in advance that I possibly can. I know that you may read this and think that I really dont have anything to offer to you, but give me a chance and I will do my best for your job or at the worst tell you that I cannot do the task.

I hope to hear from YOU soon!


Wade Dylan Turrentine
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