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Marketing professional experienced in management, sales, advertising, market research, competitive analysis, promotions, coop, trade show, operations and new business development. Producer of consistent sales and profit growth. Experience base spans retail, consumer, health care, biomedical, scientific, industrial, construction and real estate market segments. Identifies and adapts quickly to shifting market conditions and competitive threats. Excellent budgeting and financial control abilities.


Manages all aspects of marketing, from product conception to introduction. Sources and negotiates funding for product and company creation and expansion. Develops and implements business and marketing plans for existing and new products, services and line extensions. Produces consistent sales and profit growth for current and new products and services. Identifies underperforming products and services as candidates for replacement or phase out. Effectively manages large budgets and staff. Generates business plans, sources and negotiates start up capital.

Retail, B to B, B to C, eCommerce, Operations, Logistics, Warehouse and Security experience. Evaluates technologies in many industries. Supports new technology/product creation and development. Leads technology management and transfer process. Generates business and financing plans and budgets. Provides technology marketing, grant writing and project coordination services. Generates license, option and biological materials transfer agreements. Coordinates inside and outside legal counsel activities. Negotiates joint ventures, distribution agreements and research partnerships.

• Sourced and negotiated multi million dollar funding commitments and significant downstream license fee and running royalty streams to support research and development activities with partners in the United States, Europe and the Far East.
• Negotiated product distribution agreements in Europe, South America and the Far East.
• Increased license, option and running royalty returns by over 1000% while reducing patent portfolio expense by 33%-50%.
• Achieved a 25% grant proposal funding rate versus the typical 10% rate.
• Supported creation of five start up companies.
• Grew intellectual property portfolio revenues from $0 to over $2,000,000/yr.


MPS Principal – Consulting, Prop. Mgmt, Real Estate 1986-Present
Henry Ford Health System Business & Technology Director 1996-2001
21ST Century Therapeutics Co Founder 1996-2001
Wayne State University Technology Transfer Representative 1988-1996
Tribune United Cable Comm. Marketing Manager 1984-1988
The Stanley Works Product Marketing Manager – DIY GDO Div. 1980-1984


M.B.A. – Marketing/Finance/Accounting, University of Michigan
B.A.(Honors) - Economics, University of Michigan B.A.- Psychology, University of Michigan
Work ! – Real Estate

Qualicum Beach
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Making Culture Count! That is one of the mottos adopted by the Town of Qualicum Beach. Qualicum Beach has not just succeeded in making culture count but also in offering residents, visitors and vacationers a high quality of life and many stimulating activities to suit a wide variety of tastes.
A variety of attractions are available to be enjoyed in this charming Town of approximately 8700. The Town has a number of excellent retail establishments both in town and in a nearby area that spans Nanaimo on the south to Courtenay on the north and inland to Port Alberni. The dominant urban centres within this region are Nanaimo and Courtenay. They offer a wide selection of establishments in multiple retail categories offering broad selections of quality merchandise. Service providers are also located in Qualicum and nearby. All this is augmented by a good selection of restaurants, food stores and entertainment establishments to suit a variety of tastes.
History: According to legend Qualicum means “Where The Dog Salmon Run” taken in all likelihood from the lore of the First Nation inhabitants who were the original settlers of the area. Salmon is an important component of life in Qualicum and the surrounding area making significant contributions in both the commercial and sport fishing areas.
Population: 8700. Easy access to the communities of Deep Bay, Bowser, Dunsmuir and Errington brings the effective area population to about 15,000.
Location: Qualicum Beach is located just off Highway 19 on the east coast of Vancouver Island and adjacent to Deep Bay, Bowser, Dunsmuir and Errington.
Access to Victoria and Vancouver: Residents and visitors interested in Big City Life can choose Victoria and Vancouver, two of the most beautiful large cities in BC. Victoria is accessible by road at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, about a 100 mile drive. Vancouver is accessible by road and ferry across the Strait of Georgia from several points on Vancouver Island with transit times varying between 3½ and 5 hours.
Education and Schools: Full primary and secondary education is available. The System’s guiding principles include a commitment to providing a learning environment enhancing excellence, achievement, high quality, and safety. Education is guided by a quality, student-focused faculty and staff.
Points of Interest and Area Activities:
• The Beach.
• Golf and Sports.
• Shop To Shore Shuttle.
• Free Health Workshops.
• Qualicum Beach Roundabout
• Ocean Mile Swim.
Real Estate: Qualicom Beach has a variety of new and existing homes and condo’s to suit a variety of tastes.

Work 2 – Research and Education

Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

Education and Research Overview

Why Education? Education used to be teaching the “3 R’s”, Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmatic (Math). No longer. Today it is Computers, Calculus, Particle Physics, Molecular Biology, Nano (Really, Really, Really, Really Small Stuff) Technology and all sorts of other complicated subjects. That is the world we increasingly live in and the one our future generations will certainly have to master to succeed in life. There was once a time when centuries would go by before a promising new scientific development or invention was recognized and brought into use. Now it can be only a matter or months, weeks, days or minutes. And our students have to be not only smart and well educated but nimble.

Educating and preparing future generations for an ever changing world through primary, secondary, University or Trade education is a very important and increasingly daunting task. But it is a task that Saskatoon residents, primary and secondary school (public, private and parochial) administrators/teachers/staff and University administrators/faculty/staff have recognized and are responding to in order to educate the best prepared students possible. This is a constant theme that one finds running through all levels of education in Saskatoon - from Pre School to Post Graduate University Education.

In other words a child can receive an excellent education in Saskatoon at a number of levels and in a number of ways.

Why Research? A few thousand years ago most people believed that our Planet Earth was flat and was the center of the Universe, whatever the heck that was. As time passed, researchers, scientists and others showed that these were misconceptions and helped to shed light on a greater and more accurate truth.

In other words, research has played an important role in life from the earliest of times and has become an integral part of the process of educating and training future generations. In Canada, not only has much of the responsibility for teaching at advanced levels been placed on the shoulders of its universities but also to serve as centers of research. And the concept makes sense. Research leads to the generation of new knowledge and what better a place to pass on this new knowledge than in an educational institution?

The Combination of Education and Research. What happens when these two activities combine? Think of one as the generation of knowledge and the other as a way to disseminate that knowledge to the masses. The result? Uses for fire, the wheel all the way to modern medicine, nanotechnology and computers you can now wear on your wrist that 60 years ago were the size of a house and had only a fraction of the calculating power, huge over simplification that is.

Here’s the point. Generation of KNOWLEDGE is GOOD. Research, some of which will generate KNOWLEDGE is GOOD. Teaching, a means to disseminate KNOWLEDGE is GOOD. Research that feeds into teaching is GOOD. Get It? GOOD.
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