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Beth Stiner

Freelance Video Editor & Audio Editor

Location:Gurnee, Illinois, United States
Phone: 352-234-4665
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Video Editor with 6 years of experience recording and editing video in studio and on location. Proficient with producing video in a variety of digital formats and DVD authoring. Solid reputation as a hard working, outgoing, goal oriented and proactive professional. Exceptional customer service, time management, organizational and communication skills.

Professional Experience

Freelance Multimedia Specialist, Zion, IL, 2006 – Present
Owner, founder and creative contact for Phantom Media Multimedia Productions. The “Jacqueline of all trades,” PMMP specializes in video production and multimedia development.
– Record video for press sessions, ceremonies, commercials, and television programs.
– Perform audio/video editing, post-production and media conversion using a variety of multimedia programs.
– Internet proficient, television studio experience, media encoding/compression, multi-track board operation and DVD production.
– Proficient with the video editing process.
– Edit and proof educational, creative, and professional text and vocal recordings.
– Work with a wide range of video cameras, including VHS, SVHS, DVCam, and HD cameras.
– Maintain and repair gear, including computer systems.

Past Projects

Paranormal Generation, Sheboygan, WI, 2009 – Present
Paranormal Generation is a reality TV show that focuses on a team of ghost hunters made up of a comedian, a deputy sheriff, and 2 paranormal investigators. The show currently runs on 40 stations coast to coast and online; and was voted “the Best New Show of 2011” by the Ghost Tales network.

– Perform a variety of duties in the production and distribution of a reality ghost hunter television program.
– Record audio and video for investigations, meetings, how-to videos, and voice-overs.
– Perform post-production editing of audio and video.
– Supervise production staff.
– Write contracts for staff, production team, guests, and site use.
– Maintain equipment, including lighting, sound gear and cameras. Construct steadicams, backdrops, etc, as needed.

Todd Schowalter Creative, St. Louis, MO, 2011
TSC provides a variety of services including ad campaigns, web design, art direction and graphic design, copywriting, branding/corporate identity, broadcast production, screenwriting and more.

– Perform post-production editing, including ripping audio for editing and processing.
– Record voice-overs and Foley effects. Create soundtrack using voice-overs, sound effects and music from media library.
– Export media in a variety of digital formats and to disc.

Girl Scouts GCNW Council, Vernon Hills, IL, 2002 – 2011
Girl Scouts – Greater Chicago and Indiana Council is the fourth largest Girl Scout Council in the United States which serves more then 36,000 girls and 10,000 adult volunteers yearly.

– Record programs and special events.
– Perform post-production editing of audio, video and photographs.
– Produce custom content to promote the programs offered by the STEM program department and media for staff training.
– Develop multimedia programs for STEM department. Review other programs and write up critiques for Program Manager. Suggest means of improving events and develop supplemental material for science and media programs.
– Duplicate audio/video media for STEM programs.

VBV Entertainment, Waukegan, IL, 2009 – 2011
VBV Entertainment is a multimedia production company that has been providing media services for individuals, businesses and event organizations since 2000. VBV Entertainment works with many organizations, including Highland Park City Council, Winthrop Harbor City Council, and Anime Central.

– Assist Project Managers in the development of media projects.
– Supervise media teams and coordinate with other departments to cover conventions and special events.
– Develop digital media content for disc, television, and websites.
– Record audio for voice-overs, press sessions, conventions, ceremonies, special events, commercials, and television programming, in studio and on-site.
– Develop and maintain stock media library.
– Perform post-production editing and processing.
– Encode media in a wide variety of formats.

Chasing4Life, Hudson, IA, 2009 – 2011
Chasing4Life is a non-profit organization that works with FEMA and state and local agencies in disaster preparation and recovery. .

– Record, edit, and produce promotional videos for television, the web, and DVD.
– Provide or create music, graphics, titles and other media for videos.
– Work with client to develop scripts and project proposals.
– Record programs, ceremonies, and special events on behalf of Chasing4Life.
– Develop multiple modes of distribution, including DVD sales, streaming video, and digital downloads.
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