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At thirty five years old I am returning to college for the second time with a look toward economic philosophy. In the years intervening I have worked in that fashion so often attributed to authors and poets. That is to say my life experience encompasses more than most. I have worked in the manufacture of aircraft and refitting of aircraft for Eclipse Aviation. That job was available because prior to Eclipse I worked as Topman and a Senior Crewman for airship companies like High Degree Operations and the Lightship Group.If you happened to see a sporting event like golf or college football with aerial photography provided by Snoopy 1 or 2 (met-life ) or any of the Saturn airships and the ING and Outback ships too, chances are good I had and hand in it. In addition to learning the basics of air-frame modification and maintenance I also acted as liaison between the RF receivers on the ground and the directors and producers of whatever network might be broadcasting the event. These experiences, with just a splash of nepotism, landed me in the Film Mechanics Union (AITSE) local #480 in New Mexico, working with Art Directors as a Set Painter and Utility Tech for the films "No Country For Old Men" and "Gamer" among others. Those jobs were valuable to be sure but there are many other people and places I have been fortunate enough to meet and enjoy out side of work, in the business of life if you will. Like any wanderer I have been to the murky depths of human desperation, fighting for the rights to a dumpster for dinner, too, I have seen the glories of a life well lived culminating at pinnacles and towers of new nobility. All of this makes my perspective rare and my insights worth hearing. From the shame of the downtrodden to the veiled guilt and insecurity of the rich I have watched and learned, always looking for experience I have yet to gain, reaching for the images and words to put them on paper. Now my wanderlust is sated, at least for now, and I can speak to almost any state of being and its redemption, its desecration or its fulfillment.
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