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Henry Ponciano

Freelance Fantasy Artist, Digital Artist, & More

Location:Binan, Laguna, Philippines
Phone: +639215929236
4 Skills
Digital Illustrator of Fantasy/Sci-Fi/ comics. I work at home using my own tools. Working from a number of graphic houses and animation studios I developed a worked ethic both adoptable and unique.
I've made several graphic novels, Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade volume 1 and 2. Black and white books about a group of teenagers fighting an ancient cabal of vampires. Another graphic novel on the works is Abigail O'Leary, a female cop set on the 1910's.
I've done several illustrations for table top games and card games.
I've been working in animation since 2000. I'm an Animator in traditional 2D at the start and eventually into 3D. I have done storyboard, character designs, props and environment. I'm adept at using Photoshop. In 3D I use MAYA, but have used 3D Studio MAX when I worked as a game animator. I could model and texture objects, and finally I have a good grasp of animation production and willing to learn new aspect of it.