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Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:United States
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Vanessa A. Landeros

Summary of Qualifications
Animator with three plus years of visual development and 2D/CG animation experience including six years of fine art practice.This experience includes knowledge of painting, sculpture, photography, theatre, and integrating it with CG computer applications as well as painting software. Extensive knowledge of compositing and dynamic program interfaces and well versed in incorporating these into a pipeline in theory.

Educational Experience
The Art Institute of California – San Diego Bachelor of Science – Media Arts and Animation 2011

•NukeX 6.2v4
•After Effects
•Final Cut Pro
•Microsoft Office

Skill Set

*Life Drawing
*traditional sculpting
*Spanish speaker

Creative Experience

Animator: Responsible for animating five scenes in the short student film, New Hire. Attended small dailies and received the Lead Animators and Directors critiques. Also delivered thumbnails and block-ins that later resulted into the finished character animations. April – June 2011

Clean-up/Ink & Paint Supervisor: Supervised a team of 8 people to do the clean-up animation and also the inking & painting process for the short student film, Ghoulementry.Relayed progress reports to the creative director, assigned everyone on my team a correspoding scene, and also made sure all content was completed by the set deadline. October – March 2011

Congressional Award of Excellence
Awarded for voluntary public service, personal development, and physical fitness.Then undertake an expedition or exploration and through my experiences it was awarded for my trials and excellence to serve my community through my volunteer work at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

• Woman in Animation (W.I.A) –

Personal Profile
Demonstrated ability to work in teams and also direct when needed. Proven ability to manage multiple deadlines as well as retain new skill set information.Shown to exhibit strong communication, developmental, and innovative skills. Acknowledged to work proficiently and effectively in high stress situations.
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3D Animation