Hany S Estefanos

Freelance Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager

Location:Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
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Hany S Estefanos
3641 Brookridge Ter, Harrisburg, PA, 17109
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Mechanical engineer - 9 years of experience, Involved in all aspects of a Mechanical engineering & Civil Construction with solid knowledge of the Planning & Scheduling Projects. Strong commitment to continue learning, leading edge technology, challenging construction projects, values, and diversity, proficient in using project management software such as Primavera / MS Project. Several years of field construction scheduling experience involving large-scale projects.


1. Prospect Expressway / Gowanus Expressway Emergency Repairs and Interim Deck Replacement (NYS-DOT) -Schedule Engineer: (2009/2010)
1 Duties and project Description:
• Reviewing & analyzing the project Schedule updates.
• Utilize Primavera (P6) software to measure the Project progress.
• Using Claim digger to compare the updated schedules.
• Review change orders and time extensions
• Time impact analysis and delay analysis using various methodologies to present the Schedule impacts
• Impacts dispute.
• Attend the CPM meeting with NYSDOT and the G.C
• Project Description: The $150 Million Project entails the replacement and/or repair localized deteriorated Bridge deck concrete and Structural Steel Superstructures in various areas, Restore Bearings & Paint the repaired Structural Steel. Widening existing Eastbound Gowanus, Expressway viaduct from Bent 255 to Bent 280, Widening egress Ramp J & Ramp F within the widening limits. Operate the Bus/HOV on the Gowanus Expressway from Verrazano- Narrow Bridge to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and on the Prospect Expressway from 5TH Avenue to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

2. Replacement of Willis Ave Bridge over the Harlem River (NYC-DOT)-Schedule Engineer: (2009/2010)
2 Duties and project Description:
• Follow up the construction activities
• Analyzing the project Schedule updates.
• Utilizing Primavera (P3) software to measure the project progress.
• Using Claim digger to compare the updated schedules.
• Review change orders and time extensions
• Time impact analysis and delay analysis using various methodologies to present the Schedule impacts.
• Impacts dispute.
• Project Description: This Project involves the replacement of Willis Ave Bridge over Harlem River and the reconstruction of the adjacent areas. In addition, a new connector ramp bridge structure to the northbound Major Deegan Expressway and adjacent at-grade modifications, including pedestrian/bicycle amenities will be constructing. The entire approach of FDR ramp, First Ave ramp, the entire swing span, the entire through truss flanking span, and the entire Bronx approach span. The entire approach of the First Ave, The entire Willis Ave approach & the entire Bruckner Boulevard approach ramp will be demolishing.
New construction includes, FDR Ramp and Mainline approach from First Ave, Spans over Manhattan Bus Loop, Harlem River Drive, Manhattan Relieving Platform, Harlem River (Fixed & Swing Span), Harlem River Rail Yards, Bruckner Boulevard Ramp & Mainline Approach from Willis Ave.
The Construction Cost is $610 Million. Using Primavera (P3) Software as analyzing & measuring progress tool for the Project.

3. Fairfield, CT Railroad Station (CT-DOT) –Schedule Engineer: (2009/2010)
3 Duties and project Description:
• Reviewing & analyzing the project Schedule updates.
• Utilize Primavera (P3) software to measure the Project progress.
• Using Claim digger to compare the updated schedules.
• Review change orders and time extensions
• Time impact analysis and delay analysis using various methodologies to present the Schedule impacts
• Attend the CPM meeting with CT-DOT and the G.C
• Project Description: The $146 million Project includes the construction of a new vehicular bridge and a new pedestrian bridge over the railroad. In addition, this project involves the construction of 1,020-foot long high-level double-tee platform with full-length canopies and a stair tower and elevator structure to the proposed overpass. The roadway work includes the construction of a new four-lane approach roadway from Kings Highway East #2 at the present intersection with Frank St. to the new vehicular bridge. The new Access Road will be four 12’ lanes with two 2’ shoulders and two 5’ concrete sidewalks from intersection of Kings Highway East #2 across the new vehicular bridge into the Developer’s roadway south of the tracks. This roadway will be a town road after the project is completed.

4. Boston University Bridge Rehabilitation - Schedule Engineer: (2009)
4 Duties and project Description:
• Study the project’s plans and specs to determine the project’s work breakdown structure.
• Initiate primary Schedule using Primavera (P3) to include the project’s headlines
• Modify and detail the project’s Schedule to acceptable level.
• Modify and prepare printouts of the Schedule versions.
• Determine the project-estimated duration.
• Project Description: Analyzing the methods and workflow process necessary to restore this historic bridge to current standards. The $20 million project involves the reconstruction of an 800-ft-long, four-lane street bridge known as the Boston University (BU) Bridge, which is a vital link in the heart of the college campus. The estimated project proposes to rehabilitate and repair several components of the BU Bridge. Work was conducted on the existing main span steel truss, the concrete arches, piers, the approach spans, abutments, the wing walls, and the pedestrian railing. The entire drainage system will be replaced and improved to further prevent pollution to the Charles River deterioration of the structure. He will apply special staging, phasing and logic strategies to schedule the most efficient program, using Primavera software.

5. The New Jersey Turnpike Widening Colonial & Sunoco Pipeline Relocation – Scheduler: (2009)

1 Reviewing Sunoco’s relocation pipelines schedule submission for accuracy. The project encompasses 19 pipeline relocations along 40 miles of the New Jersey turnpike between exit 6 and 8. Reviewed milestone dates and relationships between Colonial and Sunoco pipeline relocations. He assisted with scheduling formats in order to roll up activities developed for project manager’s meeting.

6. NYCSCA - Mentor Program-Scheduler: (2008/2009)

Scheduler position for the NYCSCA Mentor program in Long island city, Queens. This program is for the contractors whose starting business with the SCA to make them aware of SCA requirements for its project and make them qualified for the graduate program (Mentor program concerns with projects less than $1 M)
Duties include:
2 Review and comment on projects schedules, updates & Two week look-ahead.
3 Create or modify projects schedules, updates & two weeks look-ahead.
4 Mentoring & tutoring contractor to comply with SCA requirements for projects schedule and teach them the basics of scheduling techniques.
5 Projects include Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works
6 Projects: Philip Randolph (Fire Alarm System), JHS70 (Fire Alarm System), PS (34) Electrical and audio system upgrades, PS 94Q (Paving and landscape), PS 116 (Electrical System), Park East (Fire Alarm system)

7. Consolidate Edison (Con Ed) , Bronx , NY – Scheduler : (2008)

Temporary position – Working as Scheduler
Duties include:
Update schedules using M.S Project 2007, Creating, and Updating Master Schedules for Projects (Load Relief, Feeder Relief, and Substations), Import, and Export Projects into Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and Logging Layouts into PASS System and export it to MS Project
8. WDF Inc , MT. Vernon, NY- Assistant project Manger: (2007)

Duties Include:
Main Office shop drawing, Documentations - PS99X Field Duties: Logging Submittal for projects using Primavera Expedition, Projects Documentation, daily reports using Microsoft access.
Project includes all Civil, Mechanical and Electrical upgrades including fire alarm system

9. Petrojet Co., Alexandria, Egypt –Quality Control Engineer / Planning and Scheduling Engineer
1999 - 2000 Quality Control Engineer:
Responsible for welding inspection, welding map and N.D.T testing, leading a group of technicians to perform inspections all over the plant areas.
Pre-welding, Fitting inspection to assure that welding procedures be followed according to ASME 9 and AWS specs.

2000-2005 Planning and Scheduling Engineer
Planning, Scheduling & updates, Budgeting, Progress reporting, (Client-Subs) invoicing, Resource control
Strong background and understanding of the engineering skills/process, Strong problem resolution skills are proven motivation for contractors to achieve deadlines.
Strong scheduling skill in MS. project and primavera P3.
Reporting of critical tasks & possible solutions to senior managers/agencies made them more confident.
Managed 4 year, more than $26M projects in a team for successful completion.
Successfully completed all projects on time and under budget.

Project Completion List: (More than $ 26M)
In the following Projects provided Construction work Scheduling.
Which includes – Determining detail tasks, Establishing time limits (Using Fixed duration, Fixed work, Fixed units), Establishing Constraints/Deadlines, Setup dependencies, Creating Resources, Resource Planning, Resource Allocation, Resource Scheduling in multiple projects, Resolving Scheduling Problems & Resource Problems, Tracking Progress, Recording Actual Progress, Importing & Exporting Project Information – Excel, word,, Scheduling plan & Control, Backward scheduling for long lead items/CPM, Prepare Work Breakdown structure, Prepare different types of reports according to requirement, perform project analysis, Developed/maintained detailed Primavera schedules for tracking and resources, Customizing MS Project, Responsibilities included the implementation of a monthly schedule update including narratives on work progress.
Petrojet co (Petroleum Projects & Technical Consultation co) "One of the Egyptian petroleum complex"
1999-2000 (Quality Control Engineer):
Ethylene Pipelines Network For SIDIKERIER petrochemicals co (Ameriya-Alexandria-Egypt) (GC: Toyo Engineering Corp.)
MIDOR & MIDTAP Refinery Pipelines Network (Free Zone - Alexandria- Egypt) (GC:Technip France).
Petrojet Co. (2001/2005) (Planning & Scheduling Engineer)
Southern Gas Pipeline 218 KM -18" diameter ($35M) Western Desert -Egypt (Owner: Khalda-Apache Petroleum Co)
South Dabba Production Facility (Mechanical-Electrical-Civil) ($30M) Western Desert-Egypt (Owner: South Dabba Petro. Co.)
Bourg El arab Gas Pipelines (24", 12" Gas Pipelins) ($ 10M) Bourg El arab -Alexandria- Egypt (Owner: Gasco Petro. Co.)
khalda-Apache Petroleum Co Service Agreement (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Pipelines) Western Desert-Matrouh-Egypt
Includes the projects:
Matrouh/Tarek P/L 6" 15 km,Selket /Khepry P/L 6" 12km,Umbaraka/S. Umbaraka P/L 6" 20km,Sethos #1 Duplex P/L 6" 1km
Emerald/Tarek P/L 10" 20km, Shams/Salam P/L 10", 20 km, Umbarka/ Meleiha 8"/70 km,Salam New Maintnace Workshop Construction
Qasr Development Project (18", 24" 142 km)
Ameriya Petroleum co (Waste Water Treatment) ($ 4M) (Mechanical/Civil) (GC: Dominant Water Technology).


1998 B.S of Mechanical Power Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt
2006-2007 Diploma of Automotive Technology - Lincoln Tech Institute - Union, NJ


Ameriya Petroleum Co Processes training 1997, Primavera and Planning Concepts (Petrojet Co) 2000
Primavera Expedition –SCA 2008 (Introduction-Change orders-Construction Management)
Primavera P6 - 2009 (P6 training)
Solidworks 2008- HACC 2011

1999 Radiographic Testing Level I (Petrojet Co)


MS Project , MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook, Primavera P3, Primavera Expedition , AutoCAD 2002 (2 dim) , Mat lab, MS Access, P5 , P6, Solidworks 2008