Ernesto Gonzalez

Freelance Project Manager & Recruiter

Location:Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela
2 Skills
1975 - High School Degree, Instituto Educacional "Arbor", Caracas, Venezuela
1976 - Certificate in English, The Bell School of Languages, Norwich, Bath and Brighton, England
1977 - 1982 - Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico
Bachelor Degree in Computer Systems and Administration (Point Average: 82/100)

System professional with +25 years of constant experience (1983 - even today)
Senior Consulting, Leader of Projects, Offers his professional services to Companies of high performance in Planning, Budget, Organization, Procedures and Processes in the areas of Technology, Systems, Organization and Planning.

General Electricity, Electric Power Distribution, Electric Control of Motors, Electronic Control (rlc)
Methodology Results DBS - AP110, GL110; Problem Analysis and Management Decision Making; Introduction to IDMS; IDD On Line Mapping; ADS/OnLine; MVS/JCL, CULPRIT; Professional Editing; Utilities, VSAM - Concepts and Facilities; Design Consideration and Programming and ADS/On Line; Design and Programming in VSAM/IDMS; Methodology Identification of Systems Requirements; Methodology for Documentation of User Systems; Systems Development Methodology; Design and Programming Consideration for On Line Applications; DB2 Concepts and Facilities; CA Librarian VM; Software Maintenance and Productivity; Quality Process Tools, SQL/DS Concepts and Facilities.

Operating Systems: DOS - VSE, VM - MVS, IXR - Interactive (NCR), DOS 6.22 (IBM, AT and XT), TRSDOS 1.3, CP/M, CMS. Data Bases: TOTAL, IDMS. Handling of Information: TASK, UT01, ON LINE QUERY, ADSA, ADSG, DMLO. Data Dictionary: Integrated Data Dictionary (IDMS). Screen Handler: CSOM, On Line Mapping. Word Processing: OWL, XEDIT, WORDSTAR, VOLLIE, SIDEKICK, DISPLAY WRITER III, WINWORD. Languages: COBOL, ANS, COBOL EXT, COBOL DC, BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL, MANTIS, ASSEMBLER, PROCESS, MARK IV, CULPRIT, DBASE III, FOXBASE PLUS. PC Applications: Office 2007, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Publisher.

March 2007 – July 2011
PALMICHAL – PEQUIVEN Planning Consultant
-Responsibilities: Management of the operatives and strategic plans for the construction of fabrics for the industrialization of the materials produced by Oil Chemical industry (Pequiven).
October 1998 – February 2007
POWERTEAM and XIMETRIX, Founder and Partner Manager
-Responsibilities: Technology personal recruiting and selection.
-Main activities: Negotiation with clients a consultants in the communication an computing technology area.
-Client: Oil Company,
-Control Indicator: I Managed 180 consultants round all the installation of oil company in some cities in Venezuela. This type of business was highly demanded these years before de oil strike.
March 1994 – Sep 1998
BASE DE DATOS Y TELEMATICA (BDT) - Consultant and Support Manager for:
- Consolidated Bank - Caracas, Venezuela
Responsibilities: Installing, Controlling and Managing Systems AP DBS for Accounting Projects.
- Banco República - Caracas, Venezuela
Responsibilities: Installing, Controlling and Managing Systems GL:E/DBS for Accounting
- American Express Company - Caracas, Venezuela
Responsibilities: Improving, Controlling and Managing Accounting Projects.
- Astra Quiamare, C.A. - Anaco, Monagas State, Venezuela
Responsibilities: Controlling and Managing Systems in GL:M/DBS, PO:M/DBS, AP:M/DBS, and
IC:M/DBS for Accounting, Account Payables, Inventories and Purchasing Orders.

June 1992 - March 1994
LAGOVEN COMPANY (Base de Datos y Telemática, C.A.) - Caracas, Venezuela
Title: Project Manager. Responsibilities: Managing and Controlling Work Orders related to analysis, Design and Construction; Systems Installation and Testing.

March 1989 - May 1992
PEQUIVEN COMPANY (Base de Datos y Telemática, C.A.) - Caracas, Venezuela
Title: Project Manager. Responsibilities: Managing and Conducting Technical Projects such as: Materials Information Systems Flexibilization (FLEXIM); Statistical System for Materials Information Systems (SESIM); Preventive Maintenance for Materials Information Systems (SIM).

September 1988 - March 1989
ESPIÑEIRA, SHELDON AND ASSOCIATES - Information Division for POLAR BEER COMPANY, Caracas - Venezuela
Title: Consultant to the Treasury Integrated Systems. Responsibilities: Analysis and Process Development For BATCH and ON-LINE Systems; Quality Control and Program Development; Advisor to Optimizing Programming Techniques; Design of Technical Information Handbooks.

January 1988 - August 1988
POLAR BEER COMPANY (Base de Datos y Telemática, C.A.) - Caracas, Venezuela
Title: Systems Analyst (Integrated Sales System). Responsibilities: Design, Analysis and Development of a Sales Prototype System, Design and Process Development for Batch Systems.

September 1987 - August 1988
Title: Project Leader (Note-Payment Control System). Responsibilities: Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Installation and Training End-Users

September 1986 - December 1987
PEQUIVEN COMPANY (Base de Datos y Telemática, C.A.) - Caracas, Venezuela
Title: System Analyst (Accounts Payable Systems). Responsibilities: Analysis, Design, Programming and Training

March 1986 - August 1986
CORPOVEN COMPANY (Base de Datos y Telemática, C.A.) - Caracas, Venezuela
Title: Systems Analyst (Personnel Replacement System). Responsibilities: Analysis and Design of Personnel Systems

November 1983 - January 1986
ERIMAR, S.A. - Caracas, Venezuela
Title: Systems Analyst and Programmer (Imports Control System and Accounts Receivables). Responsibilities: Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Installation of System, Providing Training for End-Line Users.
May 1983 - July 1986
VITROFLOTADO - Monterrey, Mexico
Title: Programmer Analyst (Exportation of Glass Control System). Responsibilities: Programmer, Testing and Installation System
May 1981 - July 1981
VENEVISION - Caracas, Venezuela
Title: Programmer (Trainee). Standard Transmission System for TV.
Responsibilities: Analysis, Design Development and Testing of Programs.
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Project Management