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Location:Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Phone: 07955268212
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Freelance Resume 2011

Lewis Richard Humphries
143 Drews Lane, Ward End, Birmingham, B8 2QF, United Kingdom
Tel: - +44(0)7591527921
Email: -
Web: -
Twitter: - LewisRHumphries

Education and Qualifications

1993 Great Barr Grant Maintained School

Institution Subject Grade(s)
Josiah Mason College Team Leading Introduction Pass
Learn Direct (at JM College) ECDL Pass
Learn Direct (at TBG Learning) New Clait Level 2 Distinction
Learn Direct (at TBG Learning) Word Processing and Administration Distinction
Great Barr School GCSE’s (Including Eng, Mathematics, Double Science) 9 A-C’s
Great Barr School A-Level (English, Media, Politics) 3 A-C’s
University of Surrey, Guildford Politics, Political Science Degree 2:1
Home Learning Writers Bureau Course Continuing

My Current Projects: -

Simply Hired UK Content Writer and Social Media Contributor (January 2011 - present)

I currently work for US recruitment organization Simply Hired, where I research and produce all of their daily UK blog content ( In addition to this, I also single handedly manage their UK Twitter account, sourcing, creating and posting relevant material to a growing reader base (@simplyhireduk).

Reference: - Bonnie Burghart Email: -

Investopedia Content Writer (May 2011 - present)

I also produce regular content for US giant Investopedia and their leading commercial outlet Financial Edge. This content is chiefly original content for the US market which is either a commission based piece or something which I have created independently. Due to my experience, I am also employed to rewrite and edit existing articles to a high standard so that they comply with UK reader demands.

Reference: - Rob Cramer Email: -
Reve News Content Writer (October 2011 – present)

I have been hired to create relevant and topical content and opinion for US outlet Reve News. My own specific niche deals with social media and search marketing, and how online tools can benefit non profit organizations and encourage their growth. I write at least 3 posts per week, either based on my editor’s story ideas or my own content suggestions.

Reference: - Britt Raybould Email: -

DigitalAge Consulting Press Release and Content Writer (March 2011 - present)

In addition, I am also employed on a contractual basis to provide press releases, website content and sales copy for US based SEO organization DigitalAge Consulting. This entails writing anything from 5-20 press releases each week for numerous US and Canadian companies, as well producing occasional and original website copy for new or evolving organizations.

Reference: - Justin Liles Email: -

Time Square Limousine Internet Marketing Coordinator (January 2011 - present)

My contract with Time Square Limousine is one of my most long standing, and I currently write monthly material which focuses largely on commissioned press releases and SEO driven Internet marketing articles. In addition to this, I also regularly write content for and edit the organizations blog.

Reference: - Catrina Levin Email: -

Think Media Researcher and Blog writer (April 2011 - present)

I produce research, consultation and ghost writing services to US outlet Think Media. This includes a business innovation blog and website content for numerous entrepreneurial websites. In addition, I am also providing additional research, writing and editing services to help release an e-book which is due for release in late autumn.

Reference: - Scott Ely Email: -

SJ Innovation Internet Marketing and Press Release Writer (June 2011 - present)

I am currently a contributor to the output of Indian based SEO experts SJ Innovation. For their selected clients, this means that I am commissioned to write various length marketing articles and concise press releases for distribution. A they are a growing entity, I typically provide anywhere between 10 and 15 individual pieces of work each month.

Reference: - Sharada Menon Email: -

The Tooth Satire Content Writer and Reviewer (December 2010 - present)

I work as a freelance contributor to burgeoning UK satire ezine The Tooth. This includes time spent producing entertainment reviews, commentary on breaking UK and world news and also faux news stories which capture a trend or current political theme. I produce up to 2 individual pieces each week, although I have the license to write more if desired.

Reference: - Rory Woodbridge Email: -

Completed Projects: -

MediAid Website Content Writer December 2011

I was commissioned to conceive, write and edit the website content for This individual role was provided by a colleague at SJ Innovation, who provided a minimal brief from which I could work from. I also manipulated the text to create a promotional brochure to be distributed across the U.S.

Reference: - Shahed @ SJ Innovation Email: -

Exciting Ads Word Press Blogger November 2010 – May 2011

I produced a daily commissioned blog on relationships, people and social issues, on the terms of a 6 month contract. These pieces were between 500 and 750 words, and typically focused on pertinent economic and social issues. I posted these pieces through WordPress and managed and replied to all reader comments and queries (see example posts below).

Reference: - Navaid Syed Email: -

Harper Collins Educational Writer May 2011 - August 2011

I provided freelance services to Harper Collins and other publishers relating to textbook and exam passengers for students in grades 3 through to 8, to be issued through my contact Damien Estrich in New Zealand. This includes passages of between 300 and 550 words of both fiction and informative non-fiction material.

DigitalAge Consulting Website Content Writer July 2011

I was commissioned to write to complete several pages of website content and promotional material for USA SEO optimization brand DigitalAge Consulting. This included informative text describing the services offered in detail by the organization, as well as engaging language to help captivate existing and potential clients.

Reference: - Justin Liles Email: -

RNA Global Content Researcher and Writer August 2011

I researched and produced relevant content for UK financial recruiter RNA Global, which resulted in an entire website rewrite for my client. This was a prelude to their change of ethos and service, which saw them specialize in recruitment for the financial, IT and financial services markets.

Reference: - Romeo Nkansah Email: -

One Stop Locksmith Website and Press Release Content Writer August 2011

I was commissioned to write several pages of web content and press release items for this Bronx based service provider One Stop Locksmith. I acquired the contract through my contact at DigitalAge Consulting, and I am also in negotiations to produce a regular blog to record and promote their activities.

Reference: - Justin Liles Email: -

Further references and samples of my work are available upon request.

Biographical Summary

I reside in Birmingham, United Kingdom and have been freelance writing for just over 4 years. I write poetry, short fiction and commissioned non-fiction articles about anything and everything that moves me. I have over 80 publishing credits since the summer of 2006, including those with Tales from the Moonlit Path, Conceit Magazine, Neon, Bare Back Magazine, Everyday Poets, Amulet, Joyful, Romance Stories Magazine and Ghost light Magazine. I have also been featured in several anthologies, including - A Collection of work from Writers sold through, Gene Genii, a collection of Flash works sold through Amazon and WH Smith, and the Tacu May 2009 Anthology available through Lulu after a 4th place credit in their competition. My work has been featured in 4 continents and in publications in the UK and Ireland, USA, India and New Zealand for example. I began providing freelance writing services for Demand Studios, Words of Worth and Constant Content in the Summer of 2010, before establishing my website ( and seeking out private clients and projects. I have a degree in Politics and Political Science and have also undertaken the Writers Bureau course within the UK.

Hobbies and Interests

I am a keen sportsman, and play both cricket and soccer at different levels. I have been married for 3 years, and have a small pet King Charles spaniel called Tallulah. My passions are my family, my friends and my writing, and when away from the computer I enjoy romantic evenings with my wife, and cycling or walking holidays together.
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