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Robert Mizrahi

Freelance Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, & More

Location:White Plains, New York, United States
7 Skills
Robert Mizrahi
White Plains, NY

I will design or build whatever is in your head or on a napkin.


A.Graphics, Logo & Presentation Designer -

1.Create wide range of visual communication elements
2.Corporate identity design
3. Supervise hi-end retouching, press proofs, color correction & press runs
4. Drawing of storyboards for commercials and film

B.Photoshop Retoucher/ Retouching Artist-

C.Centerpiece Artist & Party Theme Designer –

1.Conceptualize and produce one-of-a-kind events.
2.Create and construct personalized centerpieces and related
design elements.
3.Coordinate vendors, suppliers and specialized creative personnel
for parties and events.

Special Skills & Experience:
• Model Making
• Photoshop
• Sketching and drawing (including photo-realistic rendering)
• Space planning
• Graphic design
• Computer graphics production


A. Art Director – Advertising Agency: BBD&O
Conceptualized and produced print advertising for Pepsi and Mountain Dew.

B. Senior Art Director –Advertising Agency: NW Ayer
Created print and Television ad campaign for AT&T’s sponsorship of international
“Live Aid” concert event for Ethiopian relief.

C. Associate Creative Art Director – Advertising Agency: Grey Advertising
Developed multimedia presentation that won Dannon yogurt account
for ad agency in a highly competitive field.

D. Group Creative Director – Advertising Agency: Grey Advertising
• Handled advertising for the U.S. launch of Nokia cell phones and new
Dannon products.
• Managed creative staff of art directors and copywriters for Nokia
and Dannon accounts.
• Supervised the production of advertising, including the directing of photo
shoots for print ads and the drawing of storyboards, the hiring of on-screen
and voiceover talent and the coordination of filming, editing and music
production for television ad campaigns.


The School of Visual Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts