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I think outside the box, have a BA in Human Resources, returning to graduate school in Social Psychology. Though I could write a book, "My Expensive Learning Curve of Raising Capital," I'm going to explore this and see what comes from it. I've written blogs, e-letters, web content, business plans, speeches, legal letters for an attorney. Persuasive, analytic, humorous, strategic competencies.

My Linked-In description:
Continually evolving pragmatic and synergistic solutions for strategically maximizing an organization’s human system.

There is a meaningful reason for everything we do. Strategic, deliberate, and proactive. Rational, pragmatic, and things that just make uncommon sense..with fun doing it.

We aren't all things to all people. We aren’t coaches or cheerleaders; or fluffy rah-rah speech makers. We listen, we construct, we execute. If you are interested in maximizing; being competitively better, smarter, more effective (from a people perspective), … THAT’S what we are about.

We aren’t into the “cross your fingers” or “wish upon a star” approach to the human system;
• If you can’t measure it, how can you truly manage it?
• If you don’t know who/what you really have in regard to your people, how can you honestly manage your expectations?
• Do you operate under the illusions that A-players are just walking the street waiting for you to post a position that fits them? Sure, the B’s and C’s will jump on your hook…but are you really fishing for those? Show us your written recruitment strategy.
• What’s the value difference of an A vs. B vs. C player? Do you want to know? When you do, you can make truly informed, intelligent decisions.
• Bill/Jane just left, was that a good thing or a bad thing? Managed turnover can be your best friend.
• Are you REALLY still thinking behavioral interviewing is the solution ticket?…..maybe yesterday.

Pragmatism: some seem allergic to it; we feast on it. End result: maximization.

The pieces to the puzzle are all there. How they are viewed, arranged, measured, handled, along with other variables….how pieces are put together is what distinguishes a short-order cook from a gourmet chef.

By strategically addressing the People Flow Continuum: dually recognizing its true sequential and synergistic nature, The Rottman Group is able to deliver a different paradigm of human system maximization.
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