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Rod Stafford

Freelance 3D Animator & Animator

Location:Newport, Washington, United States
2 Skills
Rod Stafford – Contract 3D Artist/Animator

3D Artist/Animator since 1991 / Senior Character Artist/Animator

AAA Modeling/Rigging/Animation

FaceFX Facial Animation Specialist

Expert Proficiency in 3D Studio Max / Mental Ray / Character Studio / FaceFX

Career History

September 2011 to Present
Broad-based contract 3D artist, with a new focus on short-form storytelling, using 3D and "3D for 2D" to create an illustrated visual style.

May 2010 to August 2011
Sold FacePro to Image Metrics, employed by Image Metrics as FaceFX facial animation lead animator.

May 2005 to May 2010
Founder and President of FacePro LLC, a specialty provider of advanced facial animation services to the game industry.

July 2003 to May 2005
Player Character Creation System lead on “Uru, Ages beyond Myst” for Cyan Worlds/UbiSoft. Created, implemented, and managed all assets for Uru’s interactive avatar system, including liaison and art direction of offsite contractors.
Also served as Character Facial Animation lead for “Myst 5, End of Ages”, adapting the “Faceover” video-based facial emulation system (see below) to Cyan’s “Plasma” 3D engine, for its first use in a published AAA title.

December 2001 to the June 2003
Senior Character Animator for a variety of titles, on a Remote Staff basis. Titles shipped include Tetris Worlds, Shinobi, and Altered Beast for THQ, Senior Character Animator on James Bond 007: Nightfire for Electronic Arts

Independent Research and Development of the “FaceOver” 3D facial emulation system, a method of applying live action of facial performances to both pre-rendered and realtime 3D characters. “FaceOver” is used for the first time in production, February 2003.

1997-2000 Westwood Studios
Performed real-time character development, character animation, realtime set development, and effects animation, with an emphasis on the implementation of efficient, convincing realtime environments. Titles included Lands of Lore III and Command and Conquer Renegade.
High Point: Developed the realtime Harry Potter demo, used by Electronic Arts to secure the licensing rights for the Harry Potter video game series.

1995-1997 Oddworld Inhabitants
Performed character and effects animation for the OddWorld flagship title, Abe’s Oddysee.

1994-1995 Square LA
Performed character development and effects animation for the Square title, Parasite Eve.

1992-1994 Angel Studios
Performed principal character development, animation, and cinematic effects animation for the following titles: Ecco II The Tides of Time(SEGA): Mr. Bones (SEGA): HoloSport Fighters (Electronic Arts).

1989-1992 Freelance 3D Artist
Beginning of 3D animation career. Services included motion-based ride film development, broadcast animation, architectural simulations, and design visualization for a variety of markets. Clients include Walt Disney Engineering, Saatchi Pacific, Lyon Films, Angel Studios, Industrial Light and Magic.

1984-1989 Pickup Tricks, Inc.
Founded Pickup Tricks, Inc., a manufacturing company designed to exploit the accessory aftermarket for the expanding U.S. pickup truck fleet. Rod designed and patented the Pro Net High Performance Tailgate Net, which still enjoys worldwide distribution by CoverCraft.

1980-1983 Wills Wing Inc.
Served as a design illustrator and advertising manager for Wills Wing, manufacturer of the World’s finest foot-launched soaring aircraft. Illustration, Glider-mounted Photography, Product Research, and Product Design Drafting.

1975-1979 Advanced Structures and Technology
Welding, Tool Development, and aircraft subassembly fabrication on the following production aircraft and prototype programs:U.S. Space Shuttle, Snecma Concorde SST, F117A Stealth Fighter
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