Joshua Cardiff

Freelance Artist & Creative Writer

Location:Miamisburg, Ohio, United States
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The field of writing and journalism howls to me much louder than anything else, as if I was literally born to inform and entertain people with my words of wisdom. I've always loved writing and telling stories, something I couldn't live without to be quite honest. When I put words and sentences together, especially on important issues, I strive to create the best possible combination for the reader to understand. Writing is more than just a hobby. It's more than just my passion. It is my life. I've never actually got the chance to apply my dream of writing to a more important and higher cause, such as journalism. To be able to help my fellow readers and writers understand the world I'm coming from is a dream that bites hard, too hard to ignore. My life goal is not to be a well known writer but to apply my philosophy to my work as a way to help the reader cope with anything they may be struggling through. I try my hardest to connect to them and differentiate what may come off as hard to understand by binding those seemingly endless words in new and radical ways. To accomplish this, I write constantly. Short stories. Songs. Poetry. I pretty much try to dive into every depth of the literary ocean, always surprised by the new and curious depths it brings. I will never stop exploring. I will never end this grand adventure of literature. My second passion, which enlightens me the same way writing does, is art. Any form will do. Whether it be paint, charcoal, water color, ink, etc. I simply couldn't live without it. I love designing new and innovative ways of creating art. It's no question why my favorite artist is Pollack. His way of interpreting his imagination and ideas has always amazed me. I can't get enough. I always find myself at the Dayton Art Institute, studying the astonishing and brilliant works of art. A world without art isn't much of a world in my opinion. I will do my very best at any opportunity given to me, not lacking any patience or self worth. When I make a schedule, I stick to it. Plain and simple. It would be a dream of mine to be able to do what I love and encourage those who see my work to never give up. Always follow your dreams and passions. Never let anyone tell you different.
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Creative Writing