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Jeannette Krueger

Freelance Painter & Writer

Location:Portage, Michigan, United States
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I am a published author and professional artist with 14 years of experience in teaching the studio arts, art history, introductory humanities, as well as creative and expository writing. I hold a B.F.A. in Sculpture and Creative Writing and a M.F.A. in Art and Technology with dual emphasis in Creative Writing. My personal written work includes prose poetry and fiction. My visual artwork takes many forms. I paint with oils, acrylics and watercolors. I have painted wall-sized murals and furniture. When I draw, I prefer pen and ink. I am happiest when I am making things and have always eagerly pursued opportunities to create. I have produced mixed-media sculpture and text installations, paintings, drawings, art books, watercolors, tapestries, pottery and hand-built clay sculpture, cast paper sculpture, bronze sculpture, and assembled pieces using branches, found wood and other materials. I have several years of experience in floral design. My most recent visual work includes highly detailed pen and ink drawings of deer and a series of abstractions with botanical and geometric themes.

Some of my ongoing and recent freelance assignments have included re-writing a three-book-long series on aging, a variety of SEO and content pieces for the web on health issues common among the elderly, like depression, diabetes, and poor nutrition filled with tips on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle I have also written several articles about travel, a series of pieces on business relations and customer service, and articles, on addiction and recovery for substance abuse. I am interested in writing children's books.

I have a broad knowledge base having taught the introductory humanities and have provided a list of subjects with which I am already familiar below. I am an excellent and experienced researcher. I can write about any subject, but like anyone else, I understand some subjects better than others.

I welcome freelance projects of all types,including but not limited to articles, blogs, columns, stories, poetry, ghost writing, re-writes, proofreading, editing and revision jobs, research, and web content, but will consider some visual arts commissions too, time permitting.

If you have read this far, you may be interested in learning the following:
As a professional educator, I have taught a broad range of subjects that include:

• Drawing and Composition (pen and ink, charcoal, Conte crayon, graphite)
• 2D design and 3D design, (theories, principles, and history)
• Painting (watercolors, oils and acrylics)
• Sculpture (bronze, clay, plaster, wood, metals, mixed-media, glass, light)
• Conceptual, text, and installation art
• Art history, art theory, and aesthetics
• Color theory
• Creative Writing (poetry workshops and Contemporary American poetry)

I also have over 8 years of experience teaching humanities courses that covered major events and key figures and their influences in the following categories:

• World religion
• Philosophy
• Music
• Theater
• Dance
• Film
• Scientific discovery and invention
• Photography
• Architecture
• Fine Art
• Folk Art
• Crafts (Ceramics, glass, stained glass, weaving, basketry, jewelry, and so on)
• Graphic design and commercial art

I have a particular talent for teaching art students how to translate the abstract concepts relevant to their work into writing, as well as a wealth of experience designing curricula, college courses, and challenging projects for upperclassmen that result in meaningful educational, personal, social, emotional, spiritual, as well as cultural and environmental enrichment. I am proud to offer this experience and broad base of knowledge to my clients and the projects they hire me to do.

I would like to add that I have many personal interests and that I am also somewhat knowledgeable in the following positive subjects:

• Personal growth, healing and forgiveness, life lessons, acceptance
• Psychology, human behavior, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression
• Recovery, twelve-step programs, addiction, alcoholism and treatment
• Health and healthy living, health food, vitamins, supplements and diet, dieting
• Self-help, motivation, positive thinking, wellness, meditation, inspiration
• Mentoring, sponsorship, therapy, counseling, advice, support and support groups
• Spirituality, faith, hope, religion, peace, serenity, prayer
• Cooking, baking, cuisine, recipes, seasonal activities, family traditions, holidays
• Sewing, quilting, weaving, fabrics, crafts, and related projects
• Jewelry design, semi-precious and precious stones and metals
• Art and art therapy, art history, art theory, art movements and art trends
• Women’s issues, women’s interests, empowering women, true stories of survival
• Rural living, land and the landscape, wilderness, woods, forests, camping, vacations
• Fishing, hunting, camping, log cabin living, rustic living, whole foods
• Sustainability, environment, living off the land, gardening, canning,
• Flowers, the floral industry, plants, seeds, gardening, landscaping, yard work
• Word games, Scrabble, Literati, board games, card games, puzzles
• Ceramics, clay, kilns, firing kilns, glazes, printmaking, tapestry, basketry
• Contemporary American poetry, poetry slams

I am actively looking for regular work writing articles, SEO and web content, stories, inspirational pieces, and blogs on a variety of subjects, particularly those in the list above. I will consider a variety of projects, large and small, that do not appear in the list above too. My rates are negotiable.

I welcome all challenges! I will gladly provide samples of my writing and references upon request.


I have read thousands of papers and essays as faculty. I have provided feedback on student work and evaluated student progress before assigning grades. I have a good eye for detail and have become an expert proofreader. I will put these skills to good use and clean up your projects for you while you focus on what it is you do best!

I am well-practiced in the production of professional multimedia presentations using Microsoft Office programs and software, and other current visual technology.

Thank you for your time and interest. I hope to hear from you soon.

Jeannette Krueger
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