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Logan Bush

Freelance Voiceover Freelancer & Radio Producer

Location:Valdosta, Georgia, United States
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To quote Annie, "it's a hard-knock life," especially for a budding fine artists. You want to get your work out there for men in "Midnight Onyx"-colored suits and sweet handlebar moustaches, but they have business to attend to, companies to run, and moustaches to wax. Meanwhile, your family is wearing burlap sacks and speaking with cockney dialects while you're desperately trying to come up with the next big thing and the landlord is (probably) hiring hitmen to bust your kneecaps for your late rent. It seems unfair that hitmen should get paid for being so good at what THEY do while you can't get a break for what YOU do. I figure, though, that if the American buffalo can make it, so can I.

... Wait a minute...

At any rate, I am Logan Bush, a man just trying to make it in "the business" with a jar of mayonnaise and a dream (and fine arts, I guess). I love writing for any occasion and format and enjoy both seeing my work acted out or implemented and love even more being a part of its production (I also love health food, but they didn't have a directory for that). In everything I do, I always try to both present and foster creativity and enjoy seeing what a group of talented minds can develop. As a university-level student of both Theater and English, I understand well the power of language and have become competent at writing, conceptualizing, performing, and avoiding the watchful eyes of the Illuminati (They're probably everywhere, man!).

So, if you're looking for a writer, actor, adventurer, concept designer, proof-reader, and/or all-around nice guy, I am said guy. If, however, you are looking for someone to draw something realistic, I must encourage you to look... Just... So very far away from me.
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