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I'm a brand new writer who wants to make a difference in the developing Green Industry. Every since I graduated from college I have had jobs that took care of my basic needs and later the needs of my family. Recent with the energy crunch I realized that average individuals need to do their part to control the rising prices of fuel and bring to light the emerging Green Industry.

With this in mind, I have recently mounted a personal campaign to make the world aware of how we can tap into The Green Industry and generate new jobs plus explore new alternative forms of energy.

At this point in time I am dedicating my life to expanding the use of alternative energy while helping to create jobs for people worldwide in the underdeveloped and virtually untapped Green Industry.

The Green Industry parameters are so undefined that I have formulated my own structure to work with. I have broken down the Green Industry into the following ten divisions.

Number One - What Makes a Green Product.
Number Two - Green Furniture.
Number Three - Green Legal Advice.
Number Four - Green Government Projects.
Number Five - Green Transportation.
Number Six - Green Jobs.
Number Seven - Green Products.
Number Eight - Energy Consumption By Source.
Number Nine - How To Receive Free Training.
Number Ten - My Mission Statement.

In order help any and all individuals worldwide who want to get involved in the exploration and development of alternative energy solutions, I have organized a global club to fill this void.
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