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Douglas Osterhoudt

Freelance Fiction Writer & Comic Writer

Location:Northfield, New Hampshire, United States
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I am a lawyer, licensed in New Hampshire and New York State. If anyone needs help with Copyright or Trademark law, let me know, as I graduated from one of the top IP schools in the country (one of only two schools to be in the top 10 in IP rankings every year since they started keeping track in 1992). I also like to write fiction. My story "Through the Window," won an award from the Creative Writing Institute. My short story "Live Free or Die, Die, Die!" is the title story in a crime fiction anthology of the same name available at Also, I recently tried my hand at horror, and my story "A Night on the Town" was published in Dark Eclipse Vol. 18. I am now trying my hand at comic books, both converting short stories I have written to comic form and creating new material. Further, if you're an artist who has something they want to draw but don't have a story to go with it, let me know and I'll type up a script for you.
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