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Michael Grimm

Freelance 3D Animator & Digital Artist

Location:Perth, New Brunswick, Canada
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Michael J.Grimm
Experienced in computer software ranging from Adobe products CS5 suite such as Flash, Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop. 3D programs Softimage, Motionbuilder, Mudbox, and other products of Autodesk. Hard-working, able to work with teams, and have experienced various situations ranging from construction team-work, and team based 3D projects. Also able to take control of situations if things are getting out of hand, at the same time able to listen to instructions from leaders of the project or given assignments.
3D Modeling/Animation Diploma, from The Gaming and Animation Institute of Fredericton, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
Work Experience

Elite Construction Labourer/Framer 2008-2009
-Cleaning work site
-Metal work
-Team work

Labourer/Concrete worker 2007-2008
-Concrete Prep
-Cleaning work site
-Tool Inventory
-Team Work

Harveys Big Potato 2004-2005
-Farm labour
-Produce Prep
-Cleaning Produce
-Clean Up
-Picking Various Produce

Volunteer Service
Kira Awards Video 2011
3D project offered through The Gaming and Animation Institute of Fredericton and Kira Award Volunteer Society.
A group students from The GAIF, were asked to put together a short three minute video of past Kira Award Winners and represent them through this video showing visually what the company is about.
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3D Animation
Digital Art