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Location:Addo, Eastern Cape, South Africa
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Gary Bruce Smith is an established full time online writer, researcher and editor specializing in literature, education, Internet Technology, alternative health, spirituality and religion as well as philosophy, art and art related issues. While his academic career of more than 18 years as Lecturer in English has been a journey towards personal fulfilment, the general progression of his professional life includes 7 years experience in journalism, news reporting and radio production. Gary Bruce Smith has a M.A. in English and writes for several online and print publications and companies. As a freelance research writer and fine artist, he creates Web images, web content, and writes creative articles for magazines and webzines on diverse topics. He is currently reading for his PhD in English. Gary is thoroughly computer literate, which includes expertise in multimedia applications and content development.

Work experience

Seven years journalistic experience with the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) as a news reporter and radio producer.

Eighteen years as Lecturer in English at Vista University (South Africa). Publication of numerous study guides.

Presently a full time online writer and researcher under contract with numerous online companies.

Recent Publications and Research Contracts

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Writer/researcher for CBS

Editor of EZ Web Guides series

Contracted writer and researcher for Student Network Resources (

Freelance researcher for online company (

Knowledge producer at (

Writer for Live Psychic Online

Reviewer for The Webby Awards for 2001/2

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Contributor to Fitness Heaven

Various published articles at

Academic papers for USCB online conference (



Online research on any topic.

I am co-editor of the South African Writers' Network ( Writing expertise in art, medicine/health, Internet and computer technology, academic study guides, alternative health, Zen Buddhism, religion and spirituality and entertainment news.

Fine Art

I am a professional artist with practical experience in most media including oil, pastel, sculptural materials and casting. I am interested in translating traditional art to the digital medium and web design, while retaining the originality of traditional art. My aim is to combine these avenues to offer a unique service in the electronic world. Numerous one man and group exhibitions, including National Volkskas Atelier finalist in 1986.


My particular interest lies in online research and creative/academic writing. I have acquired essential skills and knowledge to access and process data from the Internet in a way that is meaningful, cogent and concise.


I am a member of the FutureShock and e Cottage Consortium a company that uses the combined skills of writers, graphic designers, business marketers and artists to offer comprehensive services in all fields.


1973: B.A degree (University of Natal, South Africa)

1982: Hons. English (University of the Orange Free State, South Africa)

1989: M.A. Degree in English Literature (University of the Orange Free State, South Africa)

2002: Presently completing Ph.D. on the Relationship between the works of Carlos Castaneda and Eastern and Western philosophy. All of his work and art is concerned with the realization of the importance of Shamanism and magic for contemporary society.


Joe Devlin [])

Editor Undercover Medicine (

Esther YU (EYu@ancestry At My

Martin Downes ( at CBS Healthwatch

Sarah Shute ( Instantknowledge .com

Personal Interests and Directions

The development of interconnections between traditional and digital art.

The investigation and development of a new Spiritual and Post Secular consciousness through writing and art

To establish and further a freelance writing and research career on the Internet

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Gary B. Smith

Editor: South African Writers' Network (SAWN)

Postal address: P.O. Box 2720, Port Alfred 6170 EC South Africa
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