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Rossella Scapini

Freelance Sculptor & Painter

Location:berkeley, California, United States
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Sculptor and painter.
Figurative sculptor, focused on human figure and natural elements. I work with clay, plastiline, foam, resin, silicone, plaster. Skilled in body casting and mold making techniques.
Able to paint with oils, acrylics, fresco


1991-1996 High school degree at the Experimental Artistic Institute "A.Calini " in Brescia, Italy.
1997-1998 Sculpting Classes at the Academy of Fine Arts BRERA in Milan, Italy.
2000- 2004 Bachelor of Arts at the Academy LABA (Fine Arts Academy of Brescia) in Sculpture.
2005 Comic Illustration Postgraduate degree in Parma, Italy.

03/2011-present: Assistant painter for Robert Bissell's Studio.
2008-present: Senior sculptor at Stullimages Studio, San Francisco.
08/2010-12/2010 Figurative sculpting for Mario Chiodo's monument “Remember Them”
11/2209 Design and construction of 2 sets for the stop motion animation “Ginger and Pickle”,
11/2008 Construction of two scale model Award figures (5‘ tall) for Genentech, San Francisco.
5/2008 Construction of a styrofoam set for a commercial by Microsoft. Workmade by Figureplant, San Francisco.
4/2008 Construction of a scale model logo (3 ft high) for Genentech, San Francisco.
2/2008-3/2008 Carved styrofoam blocks to sculpt a 100 feet long rock mountain, for a botanical garden and sculpture park in Hawaii. .
The work was done in American Canyon, CA, for Forest Boone’s Museumrock.
1/2008 Worked with artist Chris Hartman preparing Antenna Theatre’s exhibition in the Presidio Visitor Center, San Francisco.
9/2007 Construction of a faux snow hill for a Dewars Whiskey commercial in Barcelona, Spain.
8/2007 Creation and construction of the set decoration for the musical "Pia" by Gianna Nannini. Worked for Limelight in Rome, Italy.
6/2007 Construction and sculpture of two styrofoam and resin models. Created exact
reproductions of a marble sculpture in two different phases of its completion for the Japanese film, "Mirai Yosouzu". Barcelona, Spain.
5/2007 Reproduction of small scale models for commercials, such as Ice Cream bars for
Algida/Frigo and other famous European brands. Various materials used.
4/2007 Created an exact reproduction of the mosaic-laden pinnacle of La Sagrada Familia
Cathedral (The Holy Family Catherdal) by Antoni Gaudi for the Gaudi Museum in Reus, Spain. Materials used: Styrofoam, plaster and glass.
2/2007 Resin reproduction of 100 "Magnum Algida" Ice Cream bars for a commercial
advertisement. Scale 1:1. Barcelona,Spain. Work done for the Carlos Fuste studio in Barcelona, Spain.
4/2006-9/2006 Baku water park in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (Spain). This work included the construction of 2 large figurines: a lion (26 ft high) and a boy (32 ft high) from styrofoam and fibreglass. Created faux volcanic stones for 12 separate bathing pools in order to visually integrate the water park into its natural setting. Constructed the decorations for the park (paintings and installations). Work done for the company GrupGraf, Sils, Girona, España.
6/2005-10/2005 Worked and credited as a painter for the film “The Perfume” directed by Tom
Tykver (German Production, Distributed by Dreamworks in the USA.). Also constructed a scale model (1:100) of the Saint Ferran Church in Figueras, Spain, used by the film. Materials used for the scale model: styrofoam, plaster and acrylic color.
1/2005-3/2005 Painted a 2000 square-foot mural for an aquatic park in Mallorca (Spain)
reproducing an ancient Mediterranean map drawing. Acrylic color on canvas.
7/2004-10/2004 Created and constructed the installations and decorations for the roaming
exposition, “Las Ciencias en el mundo andaluz” (The Sciences of Old Andalusia) for the firm “Espai Visual” in Barcelona, Spain. Reproduced tri-dimensional sections of the Alhambra in Granada and the Mosque of Cordoba in Spain. Materials used: styrofoam, fiberglass, wood, acrylic and varnish colors. Scale 1:1.
9/2003-6/2004 Worked for “Archeologia” in Florence, Italy. Performed the restoration of marble portals, arches and doors at the City Cemetery in Brescia, Italy. Restored the Renaissance Paintings on the walls of the Senate House of the Palazzo Madama in Turin, Italy.
2000-2003 Worked for the restoration business “Stema” in Brescia, Italy. Focused on architectural
restoration, reconstruction of decorative elements, consolidation and conservation of wooden roofs
and retouching of frescos.
1999 Painted frescos for “L’Affresco” in Brescia, Italy. Worked on commission painting in both
private and public spaces. Experience using trompe l’oeil and geometric patterns.

Modeling: Extensive experience with clay and plaster, water-based resins, cement, wax and other modeling materials. Excellent plastic skills and very detail oriented.
Sculpture: Extensive experience with light materials such as styrofoam, that allow for large scale projects. Familiarity with wood and other porous materials.
Mold making: Extensive experience with epoxy and polyester resins, silicone and lattice
Able to make molds using plaster, fiberglass, silicone and resin. Experienced in life-casting in
plaster bandages, alginate and skin silicone.
Painting: Familiar with different techniques such as acrylic, oil, faux paintings, frescos and
Portfolio visible at:
2009 Transport: the alchemy of machine into awareness. Float Center, Oakland, CA.
2009 “Bio*Tanical Garden” (honorarium artist) Burning Man 2009, Nevada
2008 Collective Show. Mina Gallery, San Francisco.
2004 Collective Show. Palazzo Loggia in Brescia, Italy
2004 Ken's Art Gallery. Florence, Italy
2002 BE Simple. Brescia, Italy
2001 Soqquadro. Bologna, Italy
2000 5th Acea Show. Barcelona, Spain
2000 Collective Show. Iseo in Brescia, Italy
Italian: Mother tongue.
English: Fluently spoken, written and read.
Spanish: Fluently spoken, written and read.
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