Katherine Korn

Freelance Children's Book Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Taylor, Michigan, United States
2 Skills
i have never done freelance writing before, i have always enjoyed english, writing, and reading. i am 30 years old and i have been writing since i can remember. i have written roughly 4 books already in mylife. i can write stories or articles. that is not a problem. my personal writing is what i consider to be raw thought. i write for my own personal release. sometimes i use first person, mostly though i sorta blind write and my hand just sorta goes with what my subconcious is needing out at the time.
i have no problem with correct puncutation and using full sentences. even though i am not exercising that skill at the moment. i do have the ability. Also i do know the correct paragraph form. not using it now... but i have never been good at resumes or describing myself. so i am just writing sorta blindly what i feel you may want to know about me and my qualifications.
i love to write it is a passion
a must in my life
i am open to anything it is that i am offered to write. i am a sponge for knowledge and love researching just about anything.