Todd Ross

Freelance Mobile Programmer & Phone Programmer

Location:Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
2 Skills
Silver Spring, MD 20902
301 379 8333
Mr. Ross is an accomplished IT professional. He is seeking full-time or contract work developing commercial, in-house web, desktop, or mobile applications. He is a self-starter who enjoys working independently or as part of a group.

Software Development
• Currently developing an application for the iPhone/iPad using Objective-C.
• Developed Internet and intranet applications to provide access to health care data using ASP.NET.
• Developed custom databases for clients using MS Visual Studio, FileMaker Pro, MS Access, Delphi, MySQL and MS SQL Server.
• Developed company web site which accepted and recorded prospect queries for information using Dreamweaver, FileMaker Pro, and Perl to write CGIs.
• Developed intranet application to build weekly e-mail to membership containing abstract and URL of articles written by staff. Tools used included MS IIS, FileMakerPro, and Dreamweaver.
• Developed commercial Electronic Data Interchange translation software using C/C++.
• Developed 24x7 store and forward network to exchange EDI transactions between clients and trading partners using C/C++.

Interpersonal Communications & Training
• Mentored entry-level programmers.
• Developed training course and taught staff how to use SAS/Enterprise Guide.
• Developed training courses and taught users about EDI and how to use MacEDI/WinEDI with their applications to implement EDI in their businesses.
• Acted as technical liaison with trading partners.
• Provided technical support during all phases of the software development life cycle.
• Prepared documentation, including both program-level and user-level deliverables.
• Developed curriculum and taught high school Computer Science and C/C++ programming course.


Freelance (May 2011-present)
• Developing an application for the iPhone/iPad. Writing application in Objective-C.
Maryland Health Care Commission (Nov 2005-Sept 2011)
• Developed web application to collect information for Certificate Of Need for the State’s 47 hospitals.  Application written in ASP.NET 2.0 and VB.NET using Visual Web Developer 2005.  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were used to facilitate common layouts across pages.  Data from forms is collected into an MSSQL Server database. Web applications are written for Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari.
• Maintained existing web applications written by other developers in ASP.NET 2.0 and VB.NET.  Maintenance entailed fixing bugs and adding features.
• Developed an intranet application to collect data requests from health policy analysts.  Application written in ASP.NET 2.0 and VB.NET using Visual Web Developer 2005.
• Collected requirements from staff, analyzed existing data sources, and developed new databases and interfaces to improve access to data.  Existing data sources included MS Access databases and SAS datasets.  Solutions were intranet-based using PHP, SAS, ASP.NET VB, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, FileMaker Pro, and MS SQL server.
• Created and modified SAS programs to fulfill data requests for Health Care Policy Analysts. Used Enterprise Guide, Base SAS and SAS Macro facility.  Data requests included:
* Perform statistical analysis on patient patient discharge, Medicare/Medicaid claims and physician data.
* Perform data extraction, cleaning and transformation data.
* Extract data from or load data into MS SQL server.
* Prepare reports using PROC and ODS facility to output to MS Excel, MS Word or HTML.
* Create SAS programs to dynamically produce SAS programs based on data read from external files and SAS datasets.

Freelance (April 2005-November 2005)
• Set up a Windows 2003 Server to support ten devices.
• Set up workstations and laptops.
• Redesigned and implemented website.
Computer Sciences Corp. (December 2003 – April 2005)
• Provided desktop support for staff of eight hundred.
University of Maryland (September 2002-December 2003)
• Maintained vehicle rental database implemented in Object Pascal and SQL (Delphi/MySQL).
Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (September 2001-June 2002)
• Taught C/C++ & Advance Placement Computer Science classes to students in grades 9-12.
• Provided technology support for 180 Windows NT4.0 & 2000 users.
American Health Care Association (January 1999-February 2001)
• Performed project management.
• Spearheaded development of a prototype SAS data warehouse for knowledge management initiative.
• Provided leadership and technical knowledge to MIS reengineering project.
• Planned, managed and implemented migration from a Novell network to Windows NT 4.0 Citrix Metaframe network. Migration involved 3 domains, 6 servers and 90 workstations. This project was delivered ahead of schedule and within budget.
• Implemented association intranet.
• Employed intranet to automate weekly membership mailing using FileMaker Pro.
• Managed technical support staff and association database administrator.
• Developed excellent vendor and client relationships.
• Prepared Information Technology budgets.
Digit Software (May 1988-January 1999)
• Designed, developed and delivered several commercial software applications for the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) market.
• Designed, developed and delivered 24x7 mission critical store and forward network solution for clients to exchange EDI messages with their trading partners.
• Led research and development into Java conversion of EDI software.
• Designed, developed and delivered web-based solutions for clients using FileMaker Pro, Visual FoxPro and MS Access.
• Designed, developed and deployed prospect tracking system using FileMaker Pro.
• Provided technical support to clients.
• Hired and managed programming and client support staff.
Prior Experience (June 1979-May 1988) - Various programmer positions
Performance, AHCA (received 1 of 4 top bonuses for annual performance review).
Visual BASIC, C/C++, JavaScript, PHP, SAS, SQL, XML/XSLT, ASP.NET
Windows, Terminal Server, Citrix MetaFrame, Sun Solaris, Linux, BSD Unix, Mac OS 9, 10
MS Visual Studio .Net, MacroMedia StudioMX, FileMaker Pro, MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL Server, SAS, Firebug
B.S. Geology, Adelphi University
SAS Macro Programming, SAS Intrnet®, SAS Data Warehouse Administration
Beginning and Advanced Unix