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Jason N. Reazin

Freelance Songwriter & Poem Writer

Location:Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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I am a musician and songwriter living in Nashville. My musical training is in percussion, however, most of my experience has been with electric guitar and bass guitar. I have had a little training on piano as well. I can sing, though I am untrained; I consider myself a baritone. Stylistically, I lean toward classic rock, modern rock, and blues music.

As a songwriter, I write what I know. I started songwriting over 15 years ago, largely as a means of processing the world around me and dealing with my own emotions. I have written tragic stories, often inspired by people I have met. I have written love songs. I have written praise & worship songs and songs that address spiritual issues. (Please know that I identify with Judeo-Christian faith and tend to write from that perspective.) My writing styles tend toward the genres listed above.

I also have some experience with the technical side of musical instruments. I have an interest in tube amplifiers and have modified and repaired tube amps in my home. I have built or modified all of my electric guitars. This interest has been strong enough to influence my professional career: I have worked for Gibson Guitar since December, 2010.
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Poem Writing