Susan Campbell

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Susan Campbell
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Restaurant General Manager
Sbarro Italian Eatery

Restaurant General Manager
8 2008 - 10
Pizza Hut | Knoxville Tn
Restaurant/Food Services

My job is to oversee day to day operations, run my store on a tight budget with labor and food cost, weekly inventories and taking care of customer concerns. Also I have 15 employees that I train and focus my attentions on everyday assuring that they provide quality service each and every day.

Managing Partner
6 2006 - 8 2008

SRI Affliates, Sonic Drive In | Knoxville, TN
Restaurant/Food Services

My position is to run the store and make sure that daily operations run smooth; I had at least 25 employees under me. I do all weekly and daily paperwork, monthly inventories, scheduling, I am serve-safe certified and have been through Management school.

Front End Mgr / CSM / Asst. Head Cashier
8 2005 - 4 2006

KVAT - Food City | Knoxville, TN

I was responsible for opening and closing the store, maintaining all records, training the Cashiers and Frontend Mgrs for their certifications. I maintained all work and break schedules, and was certified in the Child and Labor Laws. I have been trained in all depts. of the store, Security, Floral, Meat Dept, Grocery, and Deli Bakery, and the Computer Room, I Was successful in making sure the daily operations of the front end was carried out and that all money was accounted for at the end of the day. Customers would come to me with any problems they may have while in the store, I would help them resolve their problems and make their shopping trip a better experience.

Owner & Operator
5 1995 - 1 2005

Central Cafe & Catering / Pre Employment Drug Screening / Central Security Service | Cleveland, TN

These were 3 successful companies that I owned and Operated for 9 years.

Central Cafe & Catering

My Restaurant was Country Style Cooking. I was responsible for all Hiring of the employees maintaining Inventory, P& L , Budgets, Scheduling, Cooking etc. A big part of my business was Catering to all types of Organizations and Companies. I have catered everything from Turkey dinners to Grilling Steaks onsite of their business. At the same time I had a catering truck that went out at 7:00 AM to all the Industrial Sites and sold breakfast Items and then he would return at lunch and pick up lunch Items. I achieved a very good Clientele.
At the same time I was operating Central Cafe Deli in a Retail Supermarket this was very challenging, I was packaging Coleslaw, Hot slaw and other items for their Deli Shelves, making Rotisserie Chickens, Lunch Buffets and doing all the ordering for the deli.

Pre Employment Drug Screening Service

This Company was very successful in helping other companies with their Drug testing needs. I started the Company with no accounts and worked everyday to achieve new business, So much that by a couple of years, I was doing Hair Testing, Background Checks, Department of Transportation Drug Testing, I hired a Nurse Practitioner and we were doing D.O.T physicals, Saliva Testing, and I received my Certification For Breath Alcohol Testing. I maintained all records and payroll for this business, hiring etc.

Central Security Service

Central Security specialized in Armed & Unarmed Security Officers, I maintained all Records, Payroll, Sales, Budgets, Schedules, and very knowledgeable in QuickBooks Pro the Company employed 70 Security Officers, Armed and Unarmed. Our customer base was Commercial Business such as Duracell Corporation, Peyton Southeastern, Cleveland Community Hospital, at which most sites I employed guards 24 hours a day seven days a week.

3 2000 - 3 2000

Alco Pro | Knoxville, TN
I took the course to become a Certified Breath Alcohol Technician, for my Drug Testing business.
High School or equivalent,
8 1979 - 5 1982

Bradley Central High School | Cleveland, TN
QuickBooks Pro 2000 Expert
Typing 40 wpm Intermediate

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