Dawn Hodges

Freelance Speech Writer & Writer

Location:West Monroe, Louisiana, United States
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My long history of correcting and sending back notes in grade school was a pretty clear indicator of what my adult passion would be...writing and the English language. Never having the ability to curb, or the desire to lessen my love of the language and writing, I have a minor in English, and in Journalism. Several of my teachers throughout school, middle school thru my Senior Thesis in college told me that I should write professionally, because my writing style is so unique and draws the reader into everything I write. Writing is a lost art, which began when improper grammar was initially accepted as, "Oh well' to most.

My writing skills consists of the following: goofy and/or sappy greeting cards, children's books, scholarship applications, newspaper articles, speech writing, and advertising jingles that seem to be remembered. Writing is fun... Being creative and free in my writing, a blessing! No matter how structured a piece may be in the writing style, I have come to realize that at some point, brief "heightened slang" will most definitely bring the point across more clearly.

Along with my writing and Journalism minors, photography is also in the mix of 6. Be it nature, or sports, or abstract, black and white, "doctor'd up" to affect, or party pics, I have always been the shutter bug in my circle. Nothing quite matches capturing that perfect shot in the briefly-perfect lighting, to bring a satisfying grin and self-nod of the head.

So, please, gimme a shot, and see what I have to offer you in the realm of meeting your creative needs. Once upon a time, I was nicknamed Bulldog, for when I am assigned to something or working on something, I just won't stop until all involved are grinning with that same self-nod of satisfaction.
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