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I am a 35 year old mother of two and recent graduate of a Diet Tech program in my area.
Since beginning my working career nearly twenty years ago, I have found myself wearing many different hats. I have sold toilets and carpet. I have answered phones and managed huge accounts. I have changed diapers and taxied kids to school. I have cut deli meat and cheese, decorated cakes and baked cookies. My most recent paying job included helping people in a state hospital pick out what they are going to eat for the day. None of these jobs have been glamorous but the people I have met and the life skills I have been given have led me to where I am today.
Along this path I have struggled with my weight and have successfully gained and lost 60 pounds (give or take a lb or two). A central part of my life has been nutrition and exercise and helping people understand what a healthy lifestyle looks like.
I have wrote many papers, blog post and abstracts on the topic of nutrition but I love to write about current events and anything else that pops in my head as well. Over the years many people have told me I should try freelance writing. So here I am today asking for a chance to add another hat to my coat tree of life and I promise to wear it proudly.
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