Ali Grossman

Freelance Videographer & Video Producer

Location:Laramie, Cheyenne, Ft. Collins, Denver, Wyoming, United States
Phone: 307-760-3876
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Over 15 years experience in professional video production (shooting and editing). Yes, I shoot and edit client projects daily! As a former dancer (ballet and jazz) with a lifetime of training and years of professional experience, I am aware of how the body and its movement can fill a frame, or alternately, how a camera movement or framing can enhance a body or object on camera. For this reason, I love shooting the performing arts, live performance, and music videos. I also excel in landscapes, rodeo, and staged interviews. Most shooting occurs in the Denver, Ft Collins, and SW Wyoming region but....will travel!!

Freelance Film and Video Production Work
Here is a sampling:
• Official Videographer/Editor at Snowy Range Music Festival (Sept. 2011) including Michael Franti, Neville Brothers, and George Clinton
• Videographer on Blake Evan’s video, Back of the Club (February 2011)
• Directed & Edited One Perfect Rose, a silent film with interactive choreography for Ark Creative Art’s Vaudeville Show. This film was featured in the Awakenings Festival in Horsham Victoria, Australia.
• Wyoming Producer for Maria the Korean Bride project -Korean National Broadcasting (June 2011)
• Script supervising on the ABC Movie of the Week Hijacked: Flight 287 (with Anthony Michael Hall)
• Director’s Assistant on Miramax’s Benefit of the Doubt (with Donald Sutherland)
• Produced and directed Entering Hayden, an independent documentary about an environmental health crisis in an Arizona smelter town. This video was featured in the Arizona International Film Festival and continues to be distributed free of charge to anybody interested in learning more about the conditions of Hayden, AZ.

Producer/Director, University of Wyoming Television, September 2000-present
(September 2001- present: Producer/Director; November 2000 - September 2001: Assistant Producer/Director)
• Produce, shoot, and edit quality feature segments, educational, training, event, and marketing videos for the university, state, and regional non-commercial clients. Clients & grant sources include: Travel Channel, USDA, National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Centers for Disease Control, Wyoming Department of Health, US Department of Education, Hewlett Foundation, Ark Regional Services, WIN Wyoming, and many more. Author DVDs, tape classes, and stream video. Regularly pursue development opportunities and trainings.
Here is a sampling:
? Reimagining Loie Fuller’s Ballet of Light: collaborated to produce and direct a 35 minute documentary detailing the original restaging of a historic dance work. Partial Funding: National Endowment for the Arts: American Masterpieces Program.
? Director of Wyoming Signatures, a public affairs show on Wyoming Public Television, KCWC. Produce regular arts –related features and arrange interviews on subjects ranging from architecture to global warming. Winner of 2008 Telly Award.
? Hungry for Learning: produced five :15 and :30 PSAs promoting school lunch for Team Nutrition (a USDA project).
? Co-Writer, Associate Producer, & Editor of Cent$ible Nutrition, a USDA Program that aired for three years on KCWC.
? Director/editor of The 3Rs: The Veterinarian’s Guide to Bioterrorism Preparedness with Baxter Black. This video received national awards including the Excellence in Veterinary Media Award from the Health Science Communication Association, and two Communicator Awards.
? Podcast series: Pipeline Dinosaur(s): Wyoming’s newest dinosaur discovery and MFA Creative Writing, Faculty Reading Series
? 30 minute training video for First Responders (police, fire, emts) on how to identify, contain, and transport unidentified, and potentially hazardous substances from the scene to the lab. Client: WY Department of Health.
? Values, Visions, Choices: Views from the Wind River Reservation. This project, including six half hour segments, was funded by a US Department of Education GRAPP grant and won a 2008 Telly Award.

Producer/Reporter and General Production, RCN-4, Allentown, PA, June 1998-June 2000
• Produced regular feature segments for Time Out! Lehigh Valley, a magazine-format show featuring local people, places, and events. Segments ranged from local art, homeless puppies, Y2K, and regional events to interviews with celebrities such as Britney Spears, Tony Hawk, and Mrs. America. Edited the packages and performed stand-up narration. Operated camera, audio, or CG on remote and studio shoots, including the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Jolly Joe Timmer Show, the longest running show on cable television (in the world!). Shot at least 4 athletic events and 5 studio productions each week. Acquisition and broadcast of all regional Patriot League and American Legion games.
• Planning, launch, and production of Headline News local edition. The Lehigh Valley, at over 300,000 residents is the largest metropolitan area without representation from a major network. This 5 minute cable newscast aired each hour.

Production Coordinator, Blue’s Clues, Humongous Entertainment, NYC, May-June 1998
• Coordinated the voiceover sessions for the production of Blue’s ABC Time Activities CD-Rom.
• Served as a liaison between the Seattle Producers and the NYC production talent and crew.
• Responsible for prepping scripts, feeding lines, coordinating schedules, and attaining contract signatures.

Script Analyst/Production Associate, Image Group Entertainment, NYC, 1997- 1998
• Attended weekly script readings as the representative for Image Group Entertainment and Fred Berner Films. Acquired scripts, prepared coverage and recommendations, established contact with agents and writers.
• Prepared script coverage by reading summarizing, and reviewing scripts received by Image Group Entertainment. Recommended scripts for consideration.
• Supervised AVID output and voiceover sessions. Placed duplication orders.
• Organized Video Library, Managed supply orders and maintained inventory of equipment.
• Assisted with a variety of tasks on the following productions: the feature film Farmhouse (with Blythe Danner), a sales tape for New Line Television, the reality show E.S.U. for the Learning Channel and Fire Island, which was later sold to Bravo.

• Video Associate, Image Group Post, NYC, 1996-1997 Promoted to position with affiliate company.
• Performed variety of duties at New York City’s largest independent post-production facility.
• Received training in duplication and editing techniques.
• Heavy phone and personal contact with clients that included: Bravo, American Movie Classics, A&E, Romance Classics, VH-1, MTV, Nickelodeon, Classic Sports, and Friends of Rudy Giuliani.
• Formatted, maintained, and distributed daily detailed production schedule for 16 editing suites.

EDUCATION: BFA Fine Art Studies, May 1996, Media Arts and Dance Production emphasis University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona References and video samples available upon request.

Producing, Directing, Shooting, and Editing
Camera, Lighting, Audio, Studio Directing, Remote Set-Ups

I am very comfortable using all of the above skills to set-up, operate, and/or direct single and multi-camera remote shoots. I am comfortable with Sony Anycast system and could quickly learn other remote switchers. I thrive in small crew environments and can also excel as a one-“man” operation.

Remote Equipment:

Current Cameras:
JVCHM700 (Hi-Definition)- This is my primary camera.
Sony Digibeta, Sony DVCam.
I have also shot with the new JVC-HM790 and a Panasonic HDcam

I enjoy using light to enhance interior scenes. I work with incandescent hard lights, LEDs, and fluorescent, depending on the needs of the production. Chimera, litepanel, Lowell, diffusers, gels, barn doors, reflectors, whatever is needed …. I can quickly identify which lighting instruments are required.

I usually work with wireless lavalieres and shotgun microphone. I am comfortable operating a mixer, familiar with different adapters, and can wrap cables!

I love to edit. It is second nature. I feel that being an editor gives me an edge while shooting.
AVID (10 years experience)AVID CERTIFIED USER Media Composer 5.03 and Final Cut 7

I am the technical director for Wyoming Signatures, a public affairs show on Wyoming Public Television. My responsibilities include setting up lights, positioning on-camera set fixtures, communicating with floor director and camera people while switching.

As a dancer (ballet and jazz) with a lifetime of training and years of professional experience, I am aware of how the body and its movement can fill a frame, or alternately, how a camera movement or framing can enhance a body or object on camera. This experience puts me at ease with blocking and shot selection. For this reason, I love shooting the performing arts, live performance, and music videos.

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