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Jenny Fischer

Freelance Graphic Designer, Ad Designer, & More

Location:Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
4 Skills
My experiences have been on a newspaper production team, with part of marketing and design teams, as an adviser to a group of student designers, and as a freelancer.

Freelance Design: I have done logo and collateral design, web design, poster, and invitation design. Past and present projects include: business to business marketing for Talking Points Professionals, web and collateral design for Alcorn & Benton Architects, poster and other collateral for the Texas Roadhouse, and website design for Frontier Monitor.

Online & Social Media: My latest project with Student Media has been working with a group of students to create and implement a new website, which will incorporate all four mediums. As an increased social media presence will also be part of this move, I have also worked with them on creating their social media strategy, including policy and best practices for social media. The site rollout will be complete in August.

Production: Experienced with pre-press production and file handling, making press checks and working with printers on high-end print projects. Also experienced working in deadline-driven, newspaper and magazine print production environments.

Branding: I have had success with rebranding projects and brand management while on the Fort Collins Coloradoan marketing team, and with rebranding while working with Talking Points Professionals.