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Liz Thomas

Freelance Graphic Designer & Comic Artist

Location:Alamogordo, New Mexico, United States
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Hello! My name is Liz Thomas and I have been overly creative both visually and mentally since I was a small child. I grew up with my artistic abilities, and they have continued to improve with my age and education. I'm a graduate of 2009 from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Graphic Design, but my passion truly lies in illustration. I have been trained in a number of artistic mediums and am more than willing to try something new. I am best with grayscale works and fictitious characters, but I am also skilled in colored compositions and realism. As my teacher use to say, “You have to understand reality before you can understand fiction.” I work best with hands-on projects and photography, but I am also trained in digital methods of creation. I'm very excited and pleased to meet you, and I'm even more excited to produce and create with you!
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Graphic Design
Comic Art