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Johnny Guzman

Freelance Graphic Designer & Banner Designer

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
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Seeking a graphic design position utilizing the technical, organizational, and interpersonal skills gained during my experience as a graphic and production designer.

Work Experience

INDEPENDENT GRAPHIC DESIGNER, contract work October 2009 to Current
• Created multiple projects with MRI under contract and several additional businesses.
• Acquired the knowledge of food photography for the restaurant industry as well as Dreamweaver and Flash for website design.

SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Mexican Restaurants Inc. April 2003 to October 2009
• Solely in charge of print collateral for each of the seven restaurant chains, Casa Olé (Corporate, Beaumont area, Franchisee) Monterey’s Little Mexico, Monterey’s Tex Mex, Tortuga Tex Mex, Crazy Jose’s, Mission Burrito, and La Señorita.
• Worked closely with each of our marketing representatives, director of operations and franchisee’s per concepts.
• Designed menus, banners, table tents, brochures, billboards, web graphics, Christmas cards, coupons, danglers, ads, ect.
• Maintained multiple projects, 70+, while meeting deadlines in a timely manner.
• Completed all projects from beginning to end, occasionally completing few outside agency artwork.
• Numerous hot jobs that were accomplished within minutes/hours of entreaty.
• Requested bids from our selection of printers, negotiated costs, sent out all material once job was awarded, and approved final proofs.
• Enhanced professional and several amateur food photography to promote our brand.
• Illustrated numerous art pieces by hand and digitally reproduced them.
• Privilege of raising my two kids, now 9 & 8yrs., over 8 years at home while working for MRI. Multitask, no problem!

HEAD PRODUCTION ARTIST, Royal Window Coverings June 2002 to December 2002
• In charge of layout for price books, catalogs, instructional sheets, ads, and other affiliated production artwork.
• Designed logos, Power Point backdrops, posters, catalog covers, and banners.
• Worked on countless photo touch ups for catalogs and portfolio books.
• Accomplished numerous intense deadlines resulting in late nights, weekends, and several 24 hour shifts.
ART DIRECTOR / GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Zeus Development Corporation April 2000 to December 2001
• Designed brochures, show guides, magazine covers, direct mailers, ads, binder covers, banners, billboards, newsletters, admission tickets, and other related artwork and marketing collateral for Zeus publications, directories, CDs, conferences trade conventions, web graphics, and other products.
• Performed under tight deadline pressures, often in 24-hour shifts to ensure the art department, editors,
production staff, printers, and mail houses met stringent shipment deadlines.
• Worked closely with the director of marketing to set the style and color themes for specific campaigns to
promote attention to Zeus products.
• Set a company record for completing the World LNG/GTL Review for shipment in time for the World LNG Conference in Seoul, Korea.
• Compiled a graphics library to contain stock technical art images and photos for future production. Gained a high
level of proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and Adobe Acrobat.
• Liaised with printers to ensure print quality and schedules were met or exceeded.

PRODUCTION / GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Gulf Publishing Company July 1998 to February 2000
• Designed and produced book covers, scanned, recreated/illustrated figures, photos, diagrams and maps for publication.
• Sized and cropped photos for publication, laid out color sections, corrected artwork after layout had been proofread and
at various stages of book production.
• Miscellaneous jobs for catalog production.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Tes Americas, Inc. March 1997 to April 1998
• Redesigned and revamped scanned illustrations to digital graphics.
• Modified and enhance photo images to insure print quality.
• Edited and proofread illustrations, e-mailed clients and answered phone calls.

QuarkXPress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Aldus Freehand,
MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, Image Assistance, Dropstuff, Stuffit Expander, Transverter Pro, Mac OS, and AS400.

THE ART INSTITUTE of HOUSTON, Visual Communications / Graphic Design
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