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Tomas Sisneros

Freelance Digital Artist & Comic Artist

Location:San Jose, California, United States
Phone: 775-342-3226
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Tomas Sisneros 2D and 3D Artist

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Tomas Sisneros has over 15 years of experience in many different facets of the entertainment industry. He spent the first five years of his career in the comic book industry starting at the ground level producing the artwork for numerous independent titles. Tomas worked his way up through the ranks of the independent scene eventually engaging more mainstream companies such as Malibu Comics, working on Mortal Kombat, Battlewave and Marvel Comics X-Men Yearbook. At about that same time Tomas became involved in producing storyboards for Television Animation. He shifted his focus from comic books to the more lucrative storyboard field working on such prestigious shows as Spiderman Unlimited (for Saban Entertainment), X-Men: Evolution (a Film Roman/Warner Brothers co-production), Robocop: Alpha Commando (for MGM), and Spawn the Animated Series (for HBO animation). Tomas' dedication and hard work on HBO's Spawn resulted in Daytime Emmy recognition in the category of Outstanding Animated Program. Feeling the need to broaden his knowledge and skills, Tomas sought out 5000ft and made a career shift to the video game industry. With the support of an amazingly strong team of coworkers, Tomas was able to learn a completely new skill set and advance to the position of Art Director. Tomas was Art Director for Encore Softwares Daredevil, Myelin Medias Stacked With Daniel Negreanu and NBC's Heads Up Poker Video Game. Currently Tomas is employed as an Art Supervisor at Namco Bandai Games America and has Art Directed and shipped 2 large scale casual games in the past 3 years in addition to doing production artwork on 2 additional mobile titles.


Concept Art
Character Design
Environment and Prop Design
3D Modeling Skills (High & Low Poly)
UV Layout and Texturing
Storyboard Illustration and Cinematics
Scene Lighting
Character Rigging/Skinning and Basic Animation
Traditional Drawing and Painting Media

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Digital Art
Comic Art