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Luis Canales

Freelance Script Writer & Caricature Artist

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
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Back in 1985, somewhere in between Mike Tyson knocking out Hector Mercedes, and the Dolphins losing to Joe Montana and the 49ers, Luis Canales was born. That's me.

Something was a little off about me since I was kid. I didn't like sports much (but I wasn't gay), I played with my toys too much and had an expansive imagination. We didn't have much money... ok, we didn't have ANY money, so I took the cheapest resources I had around at the time to entertain myself; the pencil and paper.

I drew a picture of my Dad once when I was about 5. It looked like sick maniac's mug shot with a afro-mullet and a cigarette hanging out his mouth. "Who the hell does he get this **** from?", asked Dad. "I don't know, I don't draw.", said Mom. Dad looked back at Mom with a wrinkled brow and asked, "Is he gay?"

Ever since then, I knew I was an artist. I've been an illustrator all my life, working on my craft throughout my adolescent years and even now. But my love, or should I say 'loves', are film and screenwriting. I've been engrossed in them since I was 15, and I haven't turned back. I wrote my first full length screenplay on a typewriter (yes, damn it) in 2003 after attending Dove Simmons film seminar in New York. I'm in my last full year at Everest University majoring in Film and Video, and have since written 4 full length screenplays, 3 shorts, and an ad for a digital media company. My latest short was produced here in Orlando and will be in competition for the 48hr Horror Film Fest, and my latest full length script is in competition for this years American Zeotrope's screenwriting contest.

I might be young, but I don't consider my self an inexperienced writer. You can think of me as the insider to our generation's counter culture, if you still believe there is one. I also have an ear for naturalistic dialogue, so your characters won't sound like:

What are you going to do about the killer
outside our apartment building?

Let him in and ask him if his intentions are
serious. I'll be in the panic room.

I'm ready to work. I'm EXCELLENT with deadlines and productive as hell. Writers block? I don't know what that is (when I'm drunk). And I love to work with all genres, because when it boils down to it, it's all about characters, conflict, and some awesome dialogue in between.

Please contact me if you want an amazing script that meets its deadline, and will gladly produce script samples upon request.
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