Frank George

Freelance Video Producer & Voiceover Freelancer

Location:Delray Beach, Florida, United States
Phone: 561-289-7200
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Recognized internationally, as a top expert in the field, personable, with high integrity, Frank George has earned and maintained an almost perfect online rating for almost a decade, as a videographer/host/script writer & voice over talent, trained in Film, TV, Movie Trailers, Commercials/Infomercials, Radio, Industrials & Hosting.

Completed projects for such noteworthy accounts like McDonalds, Citrix, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and FORD, CVS, US Surgical, Electrolux, ADT....

Our studio is located in Delray Beach, FL , where we produce high quality promotional videos. Shot in HD, in studio or on location providing the background you wish or green screen, adding great backgrounds.

Typically, we assist in script writing. Producing it all from hi-res slide shows/vo- mp4 videos, done with the latest software, annimitated videos, & whiteboard videos, in a timely fashion. Editing software includes, using a Sony Vegas Platinum Pro, Camtasia, AVS, Sony Forge Audio Studio .etc..

As a talent Frank George, is with SAG (Screen Actors Guild)/AFTRA (American Federation of Radio & TV Artists) for almost 2 decades. AFTRA-SAG #10106161

Frank George 561-289-7200, FrankGeorgeTV1-Skype
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An MBA in business communications and extensive sales experience on camera and off, helps your company promotional video rock!
Up to (2) revisions will be available per project, should it be required. If the script changes, there will be a charge for revisions.
Green Screen Video Production for Business:

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Video Production