Milko Donchev

Freelance CAD Freelancer & Engineer

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
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402 E Robles St, Tampa, FL 33602
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Milko Donchev

OBJECTIVE: Senior CAD Designer/Civil Engineer looking for a challenging position in CAD/Design.


1999 – Present CAD Designer, Landmark Engineering & Surveying, Co., Tampa, Florida

* Design of Civil Engineering projects - residential and commercial (offices, retail stores, banks etc.);
Utilities - water, drainage, sanitary and storm sewer - plans, profiles, lift stations; Road improvements (FDOT),
Parking Lots, Ponds, Paving, Grading, Wetland Conservation, Flood Impacts and Mitigation, Landscaping.

* Developed, implemented and supervised “Land Development Civil Survey” (LDCS) software,
resulting in 50% savings on company’s software expenses. Structured and reorganized company
standards, templates, drawing and network database achieving uniform professional looking drawings
and cutting the time for completing the projects up to 40%.
Created batch plotting utility that shortened drawing plotting time over 10 times.

1997 – 1999 Senior AutoCAD Technician, GEONEX Corporation, Saint Petersburg, Florida

* Digitizing and Converting hard copy drawings into digital management system for several utility companies;
Automated mapping and use of GIS.

* Improved the company software and project management, saving 40% of the time
for delivery of the final project to the Client.

1995 – 1997 CAD Technician, Baymont Technologies, Inc., Clearwater, Florida
* Digitizing electrical and telephone lines and creating digital management systems for utility companies.
* Cut company paper use 30%. Improved the specific software used in the project,
which shortened the time for completing of the project over 25%.

1981 – 1994 Civil Engineering Designer, Chief of design group, Research Associate
NITI Research and Technology Institute Kazanlak, Bulgaria

* Design and supervision of water supply, sewer and plumbing systems in urban communities,
military facilities, residential buildings, industrial plants, resorts, agricultural and farming sites;
Pumping stations for drinking, reclaimed, industrial and wastewater;
Plumbing and fire extinguishing installations for industrial, public and commercial buildings;
Reservoirs; Water treatment plants for drinking and wastewater.

* Developed the first in the country software for automated design of water, sewer systems and
stationary building fire extinguishing installations.
Awarded gold medal at International Technical Fare, Plovdiv - 1990.

* Actively involved in training of newly graduated engineers and technicians.

* County Technical Consultant on-call, Kazanlak County Development Commission, Bulgaria

* Redesigned and improved the project for reconstruction of main water supply and main
sanitary sewer collector of the City of Kazanlak, which saved over 30% of the initial construction costs.


* Hardware: MS PC, IBM, VAX, PDP

* Software Applications: AutoCAD, Land Development Desktop, Civil Design, Survey Design,Civil 3D,
Softdesk, MicroStation, GIS, Windows, Microsoft Office, MSWord, Excel, Access MS-DOS, Linux.

* Computer Languages: AutoLISP, Fortran, Basic, Visual Basic.

* Software development: Author of “Land Development, Civil & Survey Design” project (LDCS),
combined basic routines package, similar to Autodesk LDD/Civil/Survey design software for AutoCAD and IntelliCAD;
Automated design of water supply and wastewater systems, Fire extinguishing installations;
Water mains and sewer longitudinal profile drawings; Hydraulic calculations;
Many utilities for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT users (versions from 14 to latest), IntelliCAD, LDD, Civil 3D and Survey design software.

STRENGTHS: Extremely dependable, motivated, innovative, hardworking, respectful and loyal team player.

EDUCATION: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering & Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria
* Europe: Civil Engineer.
* USA evaluation by The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) – BSCE.
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