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Kurt Taylor

Freelance Digital Artist & Fantasy Artist

Location:United States
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My black and white publication credits include interior pieces for Pelegrine Press, Battlefield Press, 96 Studios, Glutton Creeper Press, the roleplaying game Solipsist, and Rite Publishing. My color work includes two covers created for Tricky Owlbear Press and Rite Publishing, with color interiors for Rite Publishing ENnie nominee Heroes of the Jade Oath Beta. I worked for a little over a year as a concept artist for the MMO Planeshift. I worked as an interface artist for the yet to be released online game Shattered Ages and icons for the game Rings of Orbis. I am the lead Artist for the Total Party **** line of t-shirts and have done t-shirt design work for Joystick Junkies. Designed color logos for Area 5150's compound bows. I was winner winner of the second World of Warcraft Comic Contest and received an honorable mention in the World of Warcraft Holiday Card Contest.
Here is a link to my online portfolio;
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