Maja Radanovic

Freelance Flash Designer & Graphic Designer

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Relevant education: Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, sculpture section, professor Mrdjan Bajic; Art school for public intervening,
professor Alfredo Jaar and for video, professor Ellen Cantor, in Salzburg Austria; School for Graphical Design in Belgrade;

Group exhibitions:
2011. "She Wolves", Galeery 1313, Toronto
2010. Iside-out, project for “Getting out of the white cube”, Gellery Kontekst, Belgrade; Serbia
2010. "The Great Walk and More", site-specific public art interventions, Cape Town, South Africa
2010. Exhibition of Finalists for the best young artist reward "Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos", Belgrade, Serbia
2010. "Views", video installation, Gallery 73, Belgrade
2009. "Belgrade Experience: The October Salon", BM Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2009. "Remont in Pula", Stara tiskara, Pula, Croatia
2009. "Begrade: Non places. Art in public space", Salon of Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
2008. Sistem Binario, public art interventions on Railway Station Belgrade, Belef, Belgrade
2008. "Dez org ++", exhibitio of members of „Dez org” and artists picked by the members of „Dez org”, Smederevo, Serbia
2007. Exhibition of the 30th. Jalovik Art Residency; Galley of National Museum, Shabac, Serbia
2007. "Dez Org Yu Today"; Koreja Theatar, Lecce, Italy
2007. “Building Body/Building Identity”, Institut Culturel Roumain, Paris, France
2007. “40th Winter Salon“, exhibition of awarded artists, Galery Josip-Bepo Benkovic, Herceg Novi
2006. "The Art of The Young", Nish Art Foundation; Nish, Serbia
2006. "Zoom to fit",art group "", Gallery Ozone; Belgrade, Serbia
2005. "Border Disorder", international exhibition, Cultural Center; Belgrade, Serbia
2005. "Beograd-Belgrade, just visiting" exhibition of the selected Belgrade artists, Zürich, Switzerland
2005. Exhibition of the finalists for the best young artist reward "Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos";Prague; Check Republic
2005. 10th Biennale "The Light of Milena Barili"; Pozarevac, Serbia
2005. Biennale of young artists, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
2004. Retrospective exhibition –40 Years of "Galery of Youth House", Belagrade, Serbia
2004. "Border Disorder", Aarhus, Denmark
2004. "20+Timisoara=Art", Festival Of Young Creation, Timisoara, Romania
2004. "Continental Breakfast", October Salon, Belgrade, Serbia
2004. International biennale of young artists, Vrsac, Serbia
2004. "Strange Point of Tension", Biennial of young artists, Cetinje, Montenegro
2003. "My eyes – my world! ", Video Exhibition, Salzburg, Austria
2003. Biennale of young artists, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
2002. "Räder im Fluss; 10 projects for Salzburg", Festung Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, Austria

Solo exhibitions:
2011. (In preparation) “Hope”, public art installation in collaboration with the Belgrade city Waste Management
2011. "Follow Your Dream", Salzburg
2010. "Bermudas“, serial of painting "Introduction", Art Center UBSM, Belgrade
2009. "Fear of the white cube", installation of sculptures, Gallery Remont, Beograd;
2008. “Object”, installation, Cultural Center, Belgrade
2007. “Made in China”, video and sculpture installation, Gallery Magacin, Belgrade
2006. ”BRE!ND”, interactive installation; Galery of Youth House , Belgrade;
2005. “Samples of life”,video installation, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade
2004. ”Creatures”, installation of sculptures and prints; Galery of Youth House , Belgrade;

Other activities/rewards:
2010. Finalist for the best young artist reward "Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos", Belgrade, Serbia;
2010. Thupelo workshop for Cape Town site-specific, public/social art, South Africa;
2008. Founder of interactive space "MUSEUM", Belgrade;
2007. Participation in 30th Jalovik art workshop, Jalovik, Serbia;
2007. Member of the group of artist and architects "Poligon";
2006. Coordinator of project “Body Act” music festival “EXIT, Serbia, Novi Sad
2006. Art director of Festival of Free Culture;
2005. Member of the young group of artists "";
2005. “Real Presence-Floating sites”, Collateral event of the “51.Esposizione Internationale d’Arte”, Venice, Italy 2005. Reward for the best work; Biennale of young artists, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
2004. Workshop “How to send a message”, with students from the Nordic countries, Helsinki, Finland;
2004. Workshop “Speak Up!”; organized by Branislav Dimitrijevic and Mika Hanula, Belgrade
2004. Workshop “Open competition” with artists Jelica Radivojevic and Dejan Andjelkovic, Belgrade
2003. Workshop “Massage” with artist Milica Tomic, Belgrade, Serbia
2003. Free scholarship reward for best last year work; International Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, class “Video-Personal expression”,
professor Ellen Cantor; Salzburg, Austria
2002. International Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, class “Public Interventions”, professor Alfredo Jaar; Salzburg, Austria
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